Images no doubt have a great influence on website user interface and design but along with it we should also keep in mind that images also decrease site speed hence increasing the site loading time which is a sin from SEO perspective. Images consume more bandwidth than most of other resources so we must practice the methods to optimize images for SEO. Site speed is one of the ranking deciding factor for the site to be indexed in search engines so we must follow the guidelines to reduce site loading time.
One of the required method to increase site speed is to compress images as they basically are the resources that consume speed and bandwidth more than any other resources so reducing their size is necessary. You can complain that reducing the image size can also reduce its quality which is not good for a professional site. You might be right from this perspective but only in the situations if you are working with ordinary tools to reduce image size. Here I am going to introduce my audience with an online tool that help them to incredibly compress images without loosing resolution and quality. A viewer won't find any difference in the original and compressed images so this tool is best for SEO alongside user interface of the site.
I have come across  many online tools to compress images but never find one like "TinyPNG". By far TinyPNG is the best online tool to shrink images on the web because of its simplicity and working. Whether you are looking for shrinking a single image or compressing multiple images at once, this tool is there to help. The best thing with TinyPNG image compression tool is that it doesn't effect image quality for viewers so human eye cannot find any difference in the image after compression.
Before knowing more about TinyPNG we should figure out how it works. According to TinyPNG,
TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG/JPEG files. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size!

Seems awesome. TinyPNG allows JPEG and PNG images to be compressed. It offers multiple ways for compressing images. Here I'm discussing them one by one.

1. Compress Images Online Directly From Website:

The best thing in TinyPNG unlike other online image compression tools is that the official site is Ad-Free so the user experience is great. The Ad-Free site allows a person to compress 20 PNG or JPEG images at the same time with the maximum image size of 5MB each. This is more than enough for a small business site and blogs. There isn't any limit how much images daily are compressed so it should be best for anyone looking for totally free ways to compress images.

TinyPNG Website

For more advance users, they have other ways discussed below.

2. Photoshop Plugin For Compressing Images:

TinyPNG also offers an Adobe Photoshop plugin to be used with PNG and JPEG images. This plugin automatically compresses the images when working on Photoshop and after completion you can save them directly without any additional steps to compress image. The sad thing about this tool is that it isn't available for free and its price is $50 which isn't so much costly for such a professional tool.

3. Developer Plugins:

Official plugins for WordPress and Magento are also available that after installation directly compress all images uploaded on the site. This doesn't only save you bandwidth but also precious time. However it's not completely free. The first 500 compressions per month are free and the next 9500 images up to 10K cost $0.009 per image. For more than 10K images per month, the price is reduced to $0.002 per month. TinyPNG also have a developer API that works for PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and Java and has same working and prices.

Well here the review ends for TinyPNG. I hope it helps and if you find it helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends.

How To Compress Images Without Loosing Quality To Save Bandwidth

Pablo Reyes

Social media is one of the biggest ways to show your online presence. The amount of likes, shares and followers of a social account provide an idea about the popularity of that account. Well almost everyone residing in this planet and using any of social media app, wants to be popular among his fellows and competitors. They do every possible thing to gain popularity and to leverage social presence. As amount of likes, followers and shares is the best medium to know popularity of an account so people try to produce content that worth likes and sharing but this Texan guy "Pablo Reyes" has done a quiet hilarious job to get these pearls on FB.

Pablo Reyes according to his Facebook profile, is a Marketing Executive at Huzlers, an entertainment website and now he has more than 100K followers on his Facebook profile. I believe that he got most of these followers in last couple of days after he has done a surprising job on Facebook. By using a simple Facebook hack, Pablo managed to get more than 200K likes and shares on one of his posts in less than 24 hours. Sounds amazing. Do you still want to know how he did this? What he has done to get these likes and shares couldn't be declared a legit and ethical job but still I was amused from the idea he got to increase his social presence and popularity.

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Most of you people must already know about the post editing feature of Facebook that allows users to edit their past posts at any time. There isn't any rocket science involved in it and anyone can easily make use of this feature. It can't be termed as hacking because a user is always allowed by Facebook to edit his or her Facebook past posts according to his own wish. It's not gonna violate someone's privacy or breaching Facebook rules because editing the post is a basic feature that every Facebook user needs. Well there is no surprising thing in just editing the post but surprising is the way by which someone uses this feature. Pablo made a killing use of this feature and quickly got popular on Facebook without performing any special job.

Pablo Reyes, the clever guy just edited one of his past posts and quickly got the popularity that most people just dream of even after years of hard work. He picked one of his old posts from the past year and edited it to a prediction regarding several events happening in 2016. Here is the screenshot of his post after editing.


In his edited post, he wrote predictions about the series of events that are happening in USA now. After witnessing these events and reading the predictions dated to past year, anyone can get crazy to like and share his post without forgetting to click "Follow" button on his profile. A person surely gonna follow a social profile that is correctly predicting the future events because everyone wants to know the future whether it concerns him or not. He got quick popularity because most of the earth's inhabitants believe in everything they read without investigating it. They didn't even notice that comments on the post are appearing from 13th June instead of post date.

If his followers and likers were also curious enough to investigate the truth behind his post then he would not have been succeeded in getting such popularity. A prediction with 100% accuracy about series of events was enough to create a doubt regarding it so I checked its edit history and found that the actual post was created at 27th December 2015 with the following content.
"White people outside taking selfies with tornadoes and shit."
And it was edited a couple of times on 13th June 2016 by Pablo. In this editing, he removed the original content so to add Predictions regarding 2016 as you can see in following screenshot.


This helped him to gain quick popularity on Facebook increasing his followers count to nearly 200K. Well this is not an ethical way to gain followers but I still appreciate the mind behind this surprising method. The only worst thing in this method is that he left his edit history so he was easily caught. A couple of months ago, we'd shared an article about 5 hidden Facebook tricks in which we also taught how to schedule a post on Facebook by setting your own time and date. Facebook allows its users to schedule their posts to any past or future date so the actual date of posting remains hidden. If Pablo tried that method instead of editing his post, then he probably wouldn't have been caught so easily.

Blogger has emerged as a great platform for beginners to start their blogging career but still the official blogger templates and widgets are not enough to suite a site's SEO and UI design needs. Well the good thing is that bloggers can boost their blog by adding some extra plugins and widgets designed specifically for blogspot by the developers. HelpITx has always tried to provide useful plugins to newbies and bloggers. In this post we are sharing 10 useful plugins for blogger blogs that would boost your site design and SEO.

Here is the list of 10 useful widgets for blogger.

1. Jumbo Share Counters Plugin:

Jumbo share counters plugin is the modified version of Masshare which is the most popular Wordpress social share plugin. Jumbo share counters has been created and designed by "My Blogger Tricks" network and is one of the best social sharing widgets for blogger. It is a light weight plugin that doesn't effect site speed and not only displays the individual share count for a specific social network but also shows the total count from all networks. This makes the plugin unique from all social share plugins for this CMS.

2. Multiple Comments System For Blogger:

Multiple comments system is a plugin created by us for the blog owners who want let their users comment from their desired commenting system. This is the combination of four popular commenting systems that include blogger, Google Plus, Disqus and Facebook comments system. It has a responsive design and doesn't effect the site user interface.

3. Stylish Email Subscription Widget:

There are multiple stylish Email subscription widgets available for blogger but this widget made by Twistblogger is awesome. It has an attractive and professional design that catches the user's attention quickly. It can increase the number of your blog's subscriber.

4. Fancy Threaded Comments With Comment Counter:

This plugin has been created by My Blogger Tricks network and is the same design being used by them on their blog. It has a clean and minimalist look that makes it easier to read, post and reply to comments. It also shows the total number of comments on the post.

Get Fancy Threaded Comments

5. Stylish Popular Posts Widgets:

Helplogger is another good source for providing quality blogger widgets. Their stylish popular posts widgets have nice looks and clean design that make them better from other widgets available on the tutorials. Try these widgets if you aren't satisfied from your present popular posts widget.

6. Full Screen Search Overlay Widget:

Search widget has a key importance in your blog because it makes easier for the readers to search specific content on your blog. A number of search widgets for blogger are available on the internet that can give your site a professional look. The full screen search overlay widget by My Blogger Lab is also a great looking search widget that would attract your readers with an eye catching look.

Get Full Screen Search Overlay Widget

7. Custom 404 Error Pages:

404 error pages are those pages on your site which do not exist but a user can arrive at those pages from false redirection. By default, blogger only notifies with a small sized notification that the user has arrive at a page that doesn't exist. Creating a professional looking 404 error page is a thing that can engage readers with your content. So HelpITx has created some cool custom 404 Error pages that would attract your visitors. Get them from the link below.

Create Custom 404 Error Pages On Blogger

8. Stylish Automated Table  Of Contents:

This is a page that is automatically updated keeping a record of all your blog posts with label wise arrangement. It doesn't help you in boosting search rankings but still it is a good option to engage your visitors because by creating this page, a reader will find all the posts of your blog in one page under each category. Isn't it a good idea?

Get Stylish Automated Sitemap For Blogger

9. Stylish Contact Form Page:

Blogger has a simple default contact form without any option to modify it. A lot of designers and developers have tried to improve the default contact form plugin for blogger and embedded the form into a page rather than in the form of a widget. This stylish contact form by Twist Blogger is one of the examples of those modified blogger contact forms embedded into pages.

Get Stylish Contact Form Plugin

10. Numbered Page Navigation:

Numbered page navigation is another thing that blogger default templates lack. They only show option for "Previous Posts" and "Next Posts" that might improve your pageviews count but it's not good for readers because they have to go through multiple pages to find  a specific post. Numbered page navigation is the solution of this problem that you can get from Help Logger.

Get Numbered Page Navigation For Blogger

Well I hope you like reading about these widgets. If they are helpful then don't hesitate to share the post with your friends and followers.

Rio Olympics 2016

This summer is going to be very hot for a longer period as the hottest sports event of the world is going to be held at the end of it in Rio De Janeiro. At the occasion of Rio Olympics, Revenuehits is also holding a competition for its publishers with massive rewards for achieving targets set for competition under each category. Revenuehits is most popular pop under and banner CPA advertising network for the publishers who couldn't get approved for Adsense due to any reason. It's considered as one of the best Adsense alternatives for new publishers because the Revenue you can generate from this site is higher than any other Adsense alternative plus this network doesn't have very strict policies for a site owner to start from. Due to this reason it is the most popular Adsense alternative.

From time to time Revenuehits arrange different competitions for its publishers with good rewards. They announced latest competition in this month with the title of "Revenuehits Olympic Competition" with the biggest reward of a trip to Rio De Janeiro for olympics 2016. This competition is surely gonna attract publishers because great rewards are announced for the winners of this competition in all categories.

This competition is divided into four categories among them three are solely for publishers while the fourth one is referral based competition. The competition is starting from 1st June 2016 and would remain until 31st July.
The details of these categories and rewards is given below.

1. Revenuehits Olympic 100m Race Competition:

Revenuehis Olympic Competition

2. Revenuehits Olympic Half Marathon:

Revenuehits Olympic Competition

3. Revenuehits Olympic Marathon:

Revenuehits Olympic Competition

4. Revenuehits Relay Race:

Revenuehits Olympic Competition

The rewards are awesome and competition is suitable for all website owners with a decent amount of converting site traffic because Revenuehits is CPA based Advertising network. So don't waste your time and get registered for Revenuehits as soon as possible because only few days are left for the competition to begun.


If you are one of those caught by the Pinterest bug; it is probable that you have been pinning like crazy. If you are among the 20 million users of Pinterest then you are in perfect company. However a lot of people have been asking when is the best time to do your pinning on Pinterest? Is there an appropriate time to do it?

As you well know, Pinterest can be addictive. People spend 410 minutes per month on the average pinning pictures to their liking. With around 10 million visits and 3.3 million unique views; it is tempting to spread the love through pictures via Pinterest.

People became passionate about Pinterest because of the way it connects people. It is no longer using text to convey messages rather pictures lead the way. However, it is easy to spend a lot of time on Pinterest if you are not careful. There is no iota of doubt that Pinterest is good for businesses both product and service-based. It is just important to schedule your pins otherwise it can become a gargantuan task.

To know the best time of day to do your pinning, it is important to know when Pinterest is busiest. This is crucial for marketers who want to have maximum exposure for their pins. Frankly, it is something that is hard to discover. There have been studies that have been made about the best time to pin on Pinterest. However, it is not conclusive and further study may give us better clues. For now, the initial study suggests that activity on Pinterest peaks at around 5 am to 7 am and 5 pm to 7 pm all Eastern times.

The explanation is that people would check their boards before and after work. Based on this research, it is wise for marketers to schedule their pins an hour before the peak times so that it will be available to people to see when they log in.

With this in mind you would need to have a Pinterest tool to allow you to schedule your pins in advance. The tools enable you to have that luxury. Unfortunately some of the tools are still on beta stage and as a result a bit buggy.

One of the notables, though is Pingraphy. It is a remarkable tool to use on Pinterest. Aside from being free, the new tool is relatively easy to use. If you have not used it before it is worth trying out. Check out Pinagraphy by signing on to their website. Once you have an account grab the bookmarklet. This button works almost the same way as the Pin-It button on Pinterest. Drag the bookmarklet and attach it to the tool bar of your browser.

You can now select pinnable images by selecting or checking the check box right next to the pinnable image. You will be directed to a next page where you can optimize your captions. Remember to optimize the captions for SEO purposes. Don’t forget the necessary keywords and it would help if there is a call to action. Doing the things mentioned above will give you the maximum benefit for your pin activities.

Learning the right time to do your pinning is crucial especially in marketing. It allows you to be on the forefront of users’ monitor when they are starting to check out their account. This will give you a vaunted advantage over your competitors when competing for eyeballs. It should be done as soon as possible and no time should be wasted.

Facebook being the largest social media network is used by billions of people in the world. Although it's most widely used social network but still majority of Facebook users aren't aware of its all features. They just know how to post a textual or image status, sharing posts, texting others, liking and commenting posts. In this post I am going to share some Facebook tricks that are hidden from majority of people using Facebook.

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Lets proceed to learn these Facebook hacks.

1. Edit Image Before Posting On Facebook:

So you might know how to upload images on Facebook from both desktop and smartphones but most probably you didn't know that you can also edit your images before posting them on Facebook. This is a new feature added by Facebook which allows you to edit the image after you have uploaded on Facebook but not posted it yet.
This works in both desktop and updated smartphone apps of Facebook. When someone uploads an image on Facebook, it gives two options. One for tagging and other one for editing the image as you can see in screenshots below.

Click or tap on "Edit Photo" options that will open "Facebook Photo Editor". You can add text, modify filters, crop the photo and add stickers to it.

For getting "Edit" feature in smartphones, make sure that you have latest update of Facebook installed because it's a new feature and doesn't work in earlier versions of Facebook apps. After selecting a photo, you will see an "Edit" button at the bottom left of the photo. Tap that button and the Photo editor would be open for you.

Make changes and post the image as usual.

2. Make Backup Of Your Facebook Account Data:

So what if you are going to delete your Facebook account permanently but don't want to loose any of your Facebook data. Usually people use Facebook as their photo albums and keep everything there so deleting or deactivating a Facebook account can be a worrying task for them. But if you are aware of full Facebook features, then it shouldn't be worrying no more as Facebook presents a solution for this problem. It's making a backup of your Facebook data. Though it's somewhat different from regular backup concept which allows to make restorable backup. Facebook doesn't have any feature of restoring data at present and one can only download a copy of his Facebook data in human understandable format like images, videos and texts. This is a very useful feature but the only problem is that it is accessible via desktop or laptop devices only and doesn't work on mobile devices.

To download all of your Facebook data, login to Facebook with any desktop or laptop computer and click on the down arrow button located at top right side of the Facebook screen. A menu will appear with multiple options. Click on "Settings" and you will be redirected to account settings for the account. By default "General" settings page is opened. At the bottom of settings on right column, click on "Download a copy" of your Facebook account data. See below screenshot for more detail.

After a few minutes, an Email would be sent to your Email address containing link to Facebook data packed in a zipped folder. Download the zipped folder and extract the folder to view all the content downloaded.

3. Restore Deleted Messages In Facebook:

Sometimes you accidentally delete chat messages that might be needed at a later time. This is so frustrating situation because if someone deletes a message or chat, Facebook warns with a statement "Once you delete your copy of this message/conversation, it cannot be undone". There is a warning in this statement that the user is going to loose his copy of conversation permanently so he thinks that he can never restore his Facebook messages if once deleted no matter accidentally or willingly.
But we shouldn't give up when it's the matter of Facebook chat. In the above statement there's also a hope along with warning. If not clearly, it indirectly indicates that we loose our copy only but the Facebook copy still remains there. Yeah, Facebook makes a copy for itself of each and every user's activity and it remains forever in Facebook graph unless the user deletes Facebook account permanently. It includes all timeline activities, messages, videos and photos. To restore the deleted messages, just download the copy of your Facebook data by the above method and access "messages.htm" file. This is usually found inside HTML folder in the zipped file you downloaded. Open the "messages.htm" file with any browser too see all of your deleted, archived, filtered, spam or present messages.

4. Set Date And Time For Your Posts On Facebook:

I am quite sure that most of you aren't aware of this feature because it's relatively new feature and limited only to desktop devices. At present, it's not available for mobile devices except if you are posting on a Facebook page. By using this Facebook feature, one can set time and date for his Facebook post manually. By default Facebook updates the status time according to current time and previously there was no way to change the time for posts but now it's possible with Facebook new feature. Procedure is very simple. While writing a new post, just click the clock button below the writable area and it will open a time changer as seen in following screenshot.

Time schedule for existing posts can also be changed. Watch following screenshot to see how it works.

Hope that you like these tricks. Share the article with your friends and family if you love reading these tricks.

Becoming pro blogger is a dream that every true blogger loves to see. However it is somewhat difficult to achieve this goal. Starting a blog is as easy as one two three but bringing it to a level of professional blog is not so much easy. It requires a lot of effort to come in the list of pro bloggers because the level of competition is increasing day by day and in this situation bringing yourself to a higher position needs a lot of things to consider before dreaming of success. If you are planning to start a blog or have started a blog but are not successful yet in earning handful amount of income then you must figure out where you are lacking. It would not be sane thing to doubt your hard work and instincts but still you have to overcome the reasons that act as hurdle in this race of blogging.

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A blogger needs to understand following things in order to have a wealthy blog. I am pretty sure that most of you started your blogging career just to make money either you love blogging or not. So this purpose can only be fulfilled when there is quality traffic and a huge number of visitors. This is indeed the most important factor of becoming pro blogger. It's the most effort demanding but essential task in the beginning. Once a loyal audience is built then the work is reduced but this procedure goes progressively so first invest your efforts then wait for results.

Here I am going to explain 4 things or you can say reasons that are getting you away from success. May be some bloggers have already overcome some of the following but it's good to eliminate all the reasons that put your blogging career in danger. So lets start.

1. Lack Of Passion:

Surely passion is the best tool for becoming successful in every field no matter where you are working. Passion literally means a strong emotion or desire about something. Getting pro blogger level isn't possible until you are really passionate about your career. Passion means your focus is solely towards blogging with entire concentration pointed at the mark of "Pro Blogger" level. When there is passion a strong will is created that would help in achieving the goal. Working with passion involves following three steps.

  • Bring passion into action.
  • Set a target on timely basis.
  • Put your all efforts to reach the target on time.

So be passionate and then dream about success.

2. Poor Time Management:

Time management is another important factor while you are working anywhere not just online. For example when you are at a job and the boss orders to complete a task within specified time but you are failed to obey his orders then most probably he will warn you or in extreme cases you would be fired. That's too with blogging where there is no boss but you, and no employee but only you. It's necessary to give proper time to your blog. When we read success stories of entrepreneurs we find that at the time of struggle they were giving more than 12 hours daily to blogging and sometimes 16-20 hours. This level can't be achieved until you are passionate about business. Make a routine to give at least some hours daily for blogging. Don't plan for holiday, don't ask for leave, just work, work and work up unless you get first target set by you. After getting first target take a rest to refresh and then start the same routine until second. This should be your routine around entire blogging career with the difference of resting and working period depending on how much time the blog needs. It has to be decided by only you because just you are responsible of each and everything about your blog.

3. Mindset Of Becoming Millionaire Overnights:

As I told earlier, almost every blogger is seeking for money no matter what his niche is. There could be few exceptions but majority of bloggers started their career just for monetizing their skills and work. Before proceeding it must be considered that blogging isn't the profession that can make you millionaire overnights. It needs a lot of effort, hard work, planning, strategies and time to earn very first dollar and it's more difficult to maintain the earnings. Those who think that becoming a blogger can bring five figure income in just a few nights are only deceiving themselves. If they don't get rid of this mindset then in the end they left the hope and even stop blogging. So don't begin blogging for early income. Begin it just for passion and afterwards look for wealth at the point where you are sure it can be monetized.

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4. Writer's Block:

So you fulfill all above requirements of a pro-blogger that is passion, quality time management and focused towards competition rather than money but unable to decide the topic to blog about. This situation is usually termed as "Writer's Block" in which an author loses his ability to reproduce and write new content. It is quite common condition faced by every author in this world. Anyone can experience writer's block as it happens due to many psychological and physical factors but the problem arises when it happens frequently. Don't let writer's block kill your blogging potential by loosing against it. I admit that writer's block is unavoidable for a normal person but it shouldn't be bigger than a blogger's passion. You must adopt something to overcome writer's block.
There are multiple online tools which can automatically give you a title or an idea to blog about. Another good way is to go through different blogs and do some research on what's trending nowadays. By making some research and reading others, you would surely get an idea to write about.

These were the four things that should be eliminated when there is a will to blog seriously. Here I only told the reasons that are hurdle in your way to success. I will try to write how to eliminate them on some other day in future. Just concentrate on your blog and make a working strategy for it. It would be useful.

A website or blog is considered successful when it receives legitimate and dedicated traffic to it. Unless you know how to get traffic, you can't dream to have a profitable blog. There are number of methods to increase website traffic that you might read in different blogs written by experts. One of them is creating apps for your blog/website and distribute them through popular publishing platforms. Most of the bloggers with basic skills of HTML and CSS3 hesitate to create their own app as they think it isn't possible without coding. Being a blogger and web developer, it's mandatory to at least do some research on every topic related to bring traffic on your blog. I know that advanced app making requires knowledge of coding, app creating softwares and programs but still a simple blog/website application can be made easily without any programming skills.

You would ask that how it is possible? No coding, no program and no software, then how can I make an android app? With the speedy increase in technology where everyone is trying to have a prominent online presence, there's a competition of beating others in terms of gaining more readership. This competition has also given rise to those services that give people access to resources that facilitates them. Online apps creating services is a good example of these services. With an online app creating service, one can easily create and publish an app for any operating system. They offer from BBM to Android, iOS and windows phone apps. As you all know that Android is most popular and widely used platform globally so I have chosen Android app creation as my main topic.

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Well before proceeding to main tutorial, I must tell that I have selected appyet.com for this tutorial. I have chosen this website because apps made from AppYet are customizable, have clean and user friendly interface, supports both RSS feeds and Website URL for app and finally it's totally free. I have tried many other platforms too but I like AppYet the most. It doesn't offer website app creation but it is also useful for making apps for social media channels like facebook pages, twitter accounts and much more. In this tutorial I'll explain only how to make an app for blog or website. You only need to follow the steps and an app for your blog would be ready in minutes.

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Now we begin the tutorial.

1. Go to AppYet.com and sign up with your Email Address.

2. After you get yourself registered at AppYet.com, a new window will be opened asking you to enter "Application Name" and "Package Name". Application name must be unique so that people can easily identify your app. Package name is automatically created after you write application name but you can also modify it. After filling the form, click on "Create App".

3. Now you will be redirected to "Application Details" page. Under the general settings, modify the options as per your desire that include changing app icon, app menu header and content rating. Click on "Save Changes".

4. After modifying general settings, go to "Modules" category in the menu. This is the place where you will be editing the app menu and app feed.

Here you will see a number of modules designed for a demo app. I recommend you to delete and disable all unnecessary default modules. For this purpose, click on "Details" button against each module to go in module settings. At the bottom of module settings, click on "Delete this module" button or if you don't find deletion option, just disable the module so it will be excluded from original APK.

5. After disabling and deleting unnecessary modules, time comes to add your own Feed. For this, scroll down to the bottom of "Modules" page and you will see different options to add feed from various channels.

That includes RSS/ATOM, blogger, wordpress, web and different social channels. I can't bound you to any specific channel but as I am talking about a blog app so according to my perception RSS/ATOM feed is the best way to go through. Web can also be a good option if your site is mobile optimized or mobile responsive. In this tutorial I will explain RSS/ATOM feed option.

6. Click on the orange "Feed (RSS/ATOM) button. A form will be opened to create a module. Name this module and click on save.

7. After creating a new RSS/ATOM feed module, you will see module details page with two menu options "General" and "Feed".

There would be multiple options under the feed category. In the RSS feed URL option, write feed URL of your blog. Those who want to make android app of "Blogger" blog add the Feed url in following format.

Replace www.helpitx.com with your own blog domain. This is for bogs powered by blogger only.
If you are working on Wordpress then the feed url can be different.

8. Modify other options and click on "Save Changes".

9. That module will act as your primary feed module that will appear as the app opens. With the same procedure you can add more modules too for specific categories and social channels.

10. After creating and modifying all options, go to "Build" menu in the app details page. Click on "Submit to build". This will initiate the app building process and after a few minutes, probably between 5 to 10, the APK file for newly built android app will be sent to your Email address.

Download and install the app from there and check if it is right for you. If not satisfied, try again the same procedure and play with settings to check what really works.

Hope that it's clear to you now. If there is any query regarding app creation, feel free to ask me via comments or my social channels.


When it comes to loading speed of a website, the developer must follow the methods that reduce the loading time of webpage as site speed is also considered an important SEO factor. Along with other on page and off page SEO optimization, you must take care of site speed too because it is an element which lets search engines decide your rankings.

Ideally suppose that there are two webpages with same quality of content on the same niche with equal calculation of SEO factors except site speed. For your ease consider that exlcluding webpage loading time, both pages got equal marks for getting indexed with the ratio 1:1. Now search engine has to decide which page to be indexed first, so it will be decided by calculating site speed. The fast loading site would get first ranking and slower gets second.
It's just an example. You shouldn't think that site speed would work in this example only.. Site speed has also its own importance that might bring your site on first page depending on how much good your content is.

Page load time depends upon many factors, we have already discussed some of them. In this post, I would talk about using Font Awesome to improve page loading speed. How could it be useful? Before going further I should give a short introduction of font awesome and its usage.

What is Font Awesome?

Font Awesome is a custom web font which doesn't contain alphabets as its content. Instead of alphabets, it uses all icons from twitter bootstrap framework. In simple words it is an iconic library in font form. We can modify font awesome completely like any other font with CSS. Like all other custom fonts, it is in the form of a CSS stylesheet which can be linked easily to any webpage.

How Font Awesome Reduces Page Loading Time:

Now the question arises how it can be helpful in reducing page loading speed. So here is the answer. While making a webpage design, we have to add icons at various places for example search icon, sharing button icons, icons in menu etc. A common practice is to use images that contain the respective icon in it but thinking from SEO perspective, it wouldn't be a good idea to use them. A page isn't loaded completely until all elements in the page including CSS, Javascript and images are loaded. Images are always linked externally so addition of a single image file increase one HTTP request which delays page load time. No matter how much small sized image is, it has to go through an HTTP request increasing number of round trips a server make and if there are multiple image icons the number of HTTP requests increase with the number of icons hence it would result in delayed loading.

So according to SEO perspective, image icons are not recommended if the page is also using a lot of other resources. Good practice is to use Font Awesome icons instead of images. As I told earlier, Font Awesome occurs in the form of a CSS style sheet which has to load only once, rest of all content works like a regular font so it doesn't effect loading time irrespective of the number of icons used.

How To Add Font Awesome Icons:

Font Awesome is a huge iconic library where one can find all commonly used icons. They are all customizable with font awesome default options or by using CSS3 so they could be better than images in this regard.

I think it's clear now why font awesome is used. Then it comes to find and install the Font Awesome from world wide web. It is an open source Github project and available for free at Font Awesome official website. You can download it for free and use as regular CSS style sheet by self hosting. If you don't have any resource to host Font Awesome at your own than you can also link it from external resource. It is hosted on MaxCDN servers by bootstrap. To host it externally just add the following line in your webpage inside <head> tag.

<link href='https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.5.0/css/font-awesome.min.css' rel='stylesheet'/>

After adding font awesome in your website, you can place any icon easily in the content. Find the complete lists of icon here.
To add an icon click the required icon and find specified class for it. Copy and paste the class where you want to place an icon. Normally font awesome icons are added in the following format.

<i class="fa fa-bluetooth"></i>

Here in this example bluetooth icon will appear. In this format, "fa" is the basic class for whole font awesome library while "fa-bluetooth" is specified for bluetooth icon only. All other icons follow the same format if one is placing font awesome directly via HTML.

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Hope that it is clear to you why and how to use font awesome. If you have any query, feel free to ask me via comments or my social channels.

If you are running a blog or intending to begin blogging, you need to learn many things to be successful in this field. Only purchasing a domain and writing content cannot make you successful unless you learn the SEO and web development tactics. To make the most from a blog, it is necessary to keep yourself prepared for always changing web and SEO trends.

In this post, I am going to tell you people about 14 blogs which a blogger must follow in order to make his blogging experiment fruitful. This list of blogs contain those which help a person from starting a blog to make valuable amount of income from it. The list isn't limited to fourteen only but I have collected only those blogs which may help a new blogger but also the old bloggers. So here we go through our list.

1. My Blogger Tricks:

Before proceeding towards the introduction of this blog, I would like to introduce you with the author of My Blogger Tricks. This blog is run by Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai who is a passionate and hardworking Pakistani blogger. Muhammad started his online career in 2008 and now he is one of the most renowned bloggers in the industry. He has an inspirational life story which has motivational plot for all bloggers. You can find his story here.
Let's talk about the blog. My blogger tricks is the first blog that I recommend to people who want to learn blogging. Mustafa explains everything in a way that is understandable for everyone. The blog's slogan is "Turning Bloggers In To Entrepreneurs" seems perfect for this blog as most of the new successful bloggers follow MBT. He keeps his readers updated with new trends in SEO, web development and social media marketing by timely posting about changing trends and the methods to adapt new changes. This blog is highly recommended if you want to start serious blogging.

Visit My Blogger Tricks

2. Shout Me Loud:

Shout me loud is run by Harsh Agrawal, a passionate blogger from New Delhi, India. This blog was started in 2008 to help bloggers and has been running successfully up until now. Shout me loud explains blogging tactics, SEO, social media, wordpress and ways to make money online. It is best place to get information about starting and monetizing a blog. New bloggers must visit this blog too and specially those who are searching for platforms to increase traffic and monetizing their content.

Visit Shout Me Loud

3. Bloggers Ideas:

Bloggers Ideas is another creative blog good for people intending to start an online business. It is run by Jitendra Viswani aka Jitu, an Indian blogger. He is also one of the most successful bloggers of industry. This blog covers the topics about SEO, driving targeted traffic to blog, social media marketing and wordpress, the giant blogging platform. You can also find inspiring and motivational interviews of successful bloggers at Bloggers Ideas that could be very helpful too.

Visit Bloggers Ideas

4. WPBeginner:

As the name indicates, WP Beginner is inspirational blog for those who want to start their online career at wordpress. This blog is founded in 2009 by Syed Balkhi, a famous Pakistani blogger. WP Beginner is basically a Wordpress site with a blog as a part of it. The blog covers all topics related to Wordpress that include setting up a  blog, plugins, themes and tutorials about Wordpress. This blog makes the blogging platform easier to understand and gives information to make full of it.

Visit WPBeginner

5. Bloggers Passion:

Anil Agarwal from New Delhi, India is the man behind this popular blog for bloggers. This is the place where one can find information about blogging tips, SEO and affiliate marketing tips to make money online. This blog also covers the Wordpress tutorials and themes along with reviews to blogging products. It is another recommended place for those want to start their online career.

Visit Bloggers Passion

6. Safe Tricks:

Unlike above mentioned blogs, Safe Tricks is multi-topic blog but the basic keyword "Tricks" remains same for all type of topics covered here. It was founded by Pahul Singh, an Indian blogger in 2012 and has gained quick popularity as compared to most of its competitors. Pahul writes the tricks that widely cover internet, PC and android. In short we can call it a complete tech blog. However it is informative for bloggers too as it has a large number of posts related to blogger, wordpress and social media tricks. I also recommend beginners to have a look at this blog.

Visit Safe Tricks

7. My Blogger Lab:

Blogger by Google is second largest blogging platform that is best for those who want to start their blog with zero investment of money. Syed Faizan Ali, a passionate and young Pakistani blogger founded "My Blogger Lab" at the age of 16 in 2012 and now he is a well known guy in blogging industry. Faizan mostly writes about blogger platform tips and tricks related to design and SEO. Along with blog, he is also running an online template store named as "Templateism" showcasing quality blogger templates. 
The best part of Faizan's creations is that they are easily understandable for everyone. He writes for all bloggers which is great reason to visit and follow his blog.

Visit My Blogger Lab

8. All Blogging Tips:

All Blogging Tips is next most visited blog with the niche I am discussing here. It was founded by Ammar Ali, in December 2011 to help newbies for setting up a blog and driving traffic to it. He mostly writes about SEO and wordpress. Someone looking for the methods to drive website traffic must visit and follow this blog.

Visit All Blogging Tips

9. Blogging Tips:

Blogging Tips is great resource for newbies who are planning to start with Wordpress platform. This blog was founded by Kevin Muldoon in 2007 and then adapted by Zac Johnson in 2010 who is still running it successfully. Here people can read about blogging tips, tools and resources to make a website successful. Driving traffic and SEO is another main topic covered in this blog.

Visit Blogging Tips

10. BloggingEHow:

You might have noticed that 7 out of 9 above mentioned blogs are served on Wordpress platform while only two use blogger CMS. So it could make you doubtful if blogger platform is right for you or not. Well as web gurus say, SEO on Wordpress is easier but I must add that Blogger also has a large capacity to get traffic. The proof is MyBloggerTricks.com and MyBloggerLab.com. Now the blog I am discussing here is also run on blogger platform. Hassam Ahmad Awan, a passionate and inspirational Pakistani blogger founded BloggingEHOw in 2012 which is still running successfully. Hassam has created a huge list of Email subscribers with his blog and most of its traffic comes from there. Though it is also visible in search results but the ratio is less. BloggingEHow explains us the methods to drive targeted traffic and successful blogging tips. I recommend it to all novice bloggers to follow Hassam Ahmed in order to become an entrepreneur in blogging industry.

Visit BloggingEHow

11. BloggerYard:

BloggerYard is another great place to learn blogging secrets. It covers topics related to blogging, SEO, design and plugins for both Blogger and Wordpress CMS. Tips and platforms to make money are also shared in this blog.

Visit BloggerYard

12. BloggerSpice:

The Guy running this blog is Muhammad Fazl E Rabbi from Bangladesh. He founded BloggerSpice in December 2012 which is now serving new bloggers to start and continue their blogging work. Here at BloggerSpice one can find everything related to blogging including plugins, templates, themes, designing tips, driving traffic and SEO methods as it covers the wide range of blogging topics from Wordpress to blogger.

Visit Blogger Spice

13. Smashing Hub:

Smashing Hub was founded in 2010 by Ali Qayyum, a Pakistani blogger and now SH is working with a team of 10 professionals. Smashing is all about blogging, SEO, Wordpress, web design and development.

Visit Smashing Hub

14. ProBlogTricks:

ProBlogTricks is another good blog to learn blogging and SEO tips. Though it is relatively smaller blog but has a bunch of useful information which can be very helpful. It focuses towards Tumblr and Blogger CMS.

Visit Pro Blog Tricks


Have you ever come across situations when you forgot to take mobile phone along with you thus loosing important messages? If this frequently happens to you or even rarely then there are options by using which full control can be taken of a mobile phone wherever you are. That means sending or receiving messages remotely on desktop. Well surely this is not possible without an internet connection because internet is the real mean of communication across the devices. Beside internet connection you will also need a smartphone having that mobile phone number enabled which you normally use to contact with others. Any type of smartphone can be used to create remote connections between devices but as I am telling you about android apps in this article so I recommend you to have an Android phone at least. Having an internet connection and a smartphone can make remote communication easier between devices so you will send and receive SMS on desktop for the number enabled on your smartphone. This is the most useful application of smartphones which can make your life easier.
I already told you that in this article, I am going to cover most popular android apps which are used for sending and receiving SMS through desktop so now we proceed towards our review for these applications. There are many applications available but I’ll only tell you about most useful ones.

Mighty text is the top rated android app for sending and receiving messages through desktop on your own number. Though this is possible with a huge range of apps but what makes the difference is provision of multiple other services which let the user makes most of his communication with others. Basic account of mighty text is available for free but you may also upgrade for a reasonable price to unlock many features.


On free account, the messages are kept stored for 60 days no matter whether they are deleted from original android phone or not. Using pro account keep them for unlimited time. There is a limit of sending 500 monthly SMS from Mightytext and this feature can also be made unlimited by upgrading to pro account. Moreover, 6GB free storage is also provided for storing phone photos and videos which is an awesome feature. This makes Mightytext a complete remote communication app as well as your preferred cloud storage. You can also receive notifications for incoming calls on Mightytext and it's easy to remotely dial any number from smartphone using Mightytext. Option of sending MMS is also available even in groups. All of its features make MightyText best choice for anyone who is searching for an option to send and receive SMS through desktop.
They also offer a referral program in which after getting 10 referral credits, referrer is rewarded one year free features of pro account. It is available on android platform for smartphones and for Windows and Mac on desktop. There are also extensions and Add-ons available for 5 major browsers so the SMS sending becomes easier. However it can also be approached without any software directly on browser.

Airdroid can be considered as the biggest competitor of MightyText with its awesome functions. It has features more than just sending and receiving text messages. It gives you full tracking support of your mobile phone. Imagine a situation when someone forgot his mobile phone anywhere by mistake and it is not locked. This can provoke anxiety about the usage of phone. In this case, the victim can remotely take a screenshot of his mobile phone's current situation on any desktop device so he may comes to know in which way the phone is being used. It's not only confined to this but the location of device can also be tracked if location services are enabled in the smartphone. These features are available for free users and if you get pro for a reasonable price, then you can also remotely see from your smartphone camera which make it an excellent smartphone tracking application as well.


On the other hand, Airdroid gives options to see complete state of your android device. It includes watching the real time videos, images and files in that android device. Unlike MightyText, airdroid doesn't store the messages and make their backup but it only sync real time messages available on the smartphone at that moment. Moreover its pro features also includes the function of catching people trying to unlock your smartphone. It takes snapshots of the people who try to unlock your device with wrong passwords or patterns so you may come to know easily who is trying to spy on you.

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In this way, we find Airdroid a useful and awesome android application for remote communication. Like mightytext it also offers a referral program in which referrer is also rewarded pro features for a time period. Airdroid is available for android in smartphones and for windows and Mac on desktop. It also have a chrome extension to ease use of Airdroid application. Well you can also access Airdroid directly on your browser too.


MySMS is another great option for receiving and sending SMS through desktop using your own number. It's somewhat unique from the above mentioned apps in a way that it also offers free texting to other MySMS users just like Whatsapp and other common texting apps along with default options. Beside in-app texting, MySMS doesn't have any special feature for its free users expect for multiple device support. However pro users can have full benefits of awesome multiple MySMS features.


These features include backup and restore of MySMS messages in secure cloud servers, full SMS export, SMS mirroring to any other smartphone and SMS archiving to popular cloud hosting services or simply to Email address. It also offers SMS scheduling so you can schedule your text messages to individuals or to a group. Another most delighting feature is ability to make and receive calls on any device using your personal phone number. That makes it a preferred choice than others.

Handcent Next SMS:

Next SMS by Handcent is among the popular android apps which can be used as an alternative to stock messaging app. It's popularity is due to this feature but most probably you wouldn't have known that it also offers sending and receiving SMS remotely from desktop or tablet. You can install Next SMS on your android phone and use it instead of default boring stock SMS app. This app from HC has a great user interface and there are thousands of themes available to set its layout according user's own taste. Handcent offers free membership as well as multiple packages for premium subscriptions to unlock full features.

One thing which I like most in this app is accessing SMS of multiple android phones with a single account. It means that a single account can have access to multiple android devices and account holder can switch between stored devices to choose from which android phone he is willing to send and receive SMS. This service has been named as "Handcent Anywhere". It is available for web, tablets and IPad. Cloud storage, messages and contact syncing is also available so that a backup is created which can be easily restored to any other device in future.


Deskphone is an android app which can be linked to a chrome extension after which the PC and mobile device are synced together. Till now it only offers sending and receiving SMS through desktop and nothing more than it. According to developer the app is still in beta mode and they are working more on it. Until then just wait and see what new comes.


They are my honest reviews for above these sites. If you like them don't forget to share with your friends.