Internet is full of knowledge, fun and opportunities but it can also be a time killing invention sometimes. Though its time killing character is quite useful sometimes when you are having boredom and nothing there to work on. But its excess usage can also turn this useful perspective of internet into an awful time wasting experience. For example Facebook is an awesome place to connect and share content with others but majority of people are not using it in right way and just wasting their time.

After a month of hard work we are now releasing a premium looking video blogger template specially designed for video blogs and V-Logs. Blogger doesn't have any official template for video blogs and there are only a few custom blogger templates meeting the requirement of a pure video blog that can be counted on fingers. So we have decided to release a new video blogger template which is suitable for a pure video blog. We have named this template as VMotion.

Have you ever applied for Adsense and got rejected from them or still struggling to meet the Adsense approval criteria but lack somewhere? If this is the case then you should look for several other ways than Google Adsense to monetize your blog or website. Searching for Adsense alternatives on Google give information about hundreds of Ad networks among them some have stricter policies than Adsense while some Ad networks just need publishers so they approve each and every website that is applied to be monetized from their platform. Bloggers with relatively small blogs or websites having a good but not the huge amount of loyal readers don't need any of them. Its because the giant networks have stricter policies than Adsense so a webmaster who isn't getting approved by Adsense cannot think of applying there and the other networks that accept each and every website have Ads that can provoke Google to penalize the site.

You might have seen some websites with floating sticky widgets that don't scroll with page and you wondered how it can be done? Answer is, you can easily do this by using Jquery. Today I am gonna share a Jquery sticky plugin by using which you can create sticky widgets in blogger. Today almost every website or blog has Jquery installed in it that makes many functions easier. Making an HTML element sticky is a messy task if done with only HTML and CSS but using Jquery makes it a lot easier.

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Before going further you must know the difference between "Sticky" and "Fixed" elements. Fixed element is the one that remains fixed at a position declared by CSS. It remains on one place only and its position isn't changed with scrolling. Normally top navigation bars are kept fixed as you can observe in this blog too. "Sticky" element is somewhat different from fixed in the sense that it moves with page with scrolling until it reaches to specified position and then remains fixed. That looks more professional and organized than "Fixed" elements.

As the owner and main author of HelpITx blog, I am feeling glad to announce that Sualiha Rehman has joined HelpITx blog and she would serve as co-author of this blog from today 1st of July 2016. I present very warm welcome to her and thanks her for the acceptance of my invitation.

Sualiha Rehman currently lives in Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. She born on 1994 in the same state and completed her graduation from University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir last year. When I was working as a professional blogger and freelancer before entering to Pharm-D, Sualiha Rehman was one of my clients and I did a project for her. We attended some workshops for freelancers together. Recently I invited her to join this blog and many thanks to her that she approved my request. She has excellent communication, writing and research skills and I believe her entry would be beneficial for our blog. The girl in the above image isn't Sualiha Rehman but she has a close resemblance to her so I added picture of this model instead of Sualiha on her request.

HelpITx was started by me in 2013 and since its launch we have helped thousands of bloggers and newbies in the field of SEO, web design and internet. Blogging is not my source of income, but its my passion and same is for Sualiha Rehman. She was looking for a platform to showcase her blogging skills that HelpITx provided her. Now she would be our official author.

I hope you won't forget to welcome her in your comments.

Images no doubt have a great influence on website user interface and design but along with it we should also keep in mind that images also decrease site speed hence increasing the site loading time which is a sin from SEO perspective. Images consume more bandwidth than most of other resources so we must practice the methods to optimize images for SEO. Site speed is one of the ranking deciding factor for the site to be indexed in search engines so we must follow the guidelines to reduce site loading time.

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One of the required method to increase site speed is to compress images as they basically are the resources that consume speed and bandwidth more than any other resources so reducing their size is necessary. You can complain that reducing the image size can also reduce its quality which is not good for a professional site. You might be right from this perspective but only in the situations if you are working with ordinary tools to reduce image size. Here I am going to introduce my audience with an online tool that help them to incredibly compress images without loosing resolution and quality. A viewer won't find any difference in the original and compressed images so this tool is best for SEO alongside user interface of the site.

Social media is one of the biggest ways to show your online presence. The amount of likes, shares and followers of a social account provide an idea about the popularity of that account. Well almost everyone residing in this planet and using any of social media app, wants to be popular among his fellows and competitors. They do every possible thing to gain popularity and to leverage social presence. As amount of likes, followers and shares is the best medium to know popularity of an account so people try to produce content that worth likes and sharing but this Texan guy "Pablo Reyes" has done a quiet hilarious job to get these pearls on FB.

Pablo Reyes according to his Facebook profile, is a Marketing Executive at Huzlers, an entertainment website and now he has more than 100K followers on his Facebook profile. I believe that he got most of these followers in last couple of days after he has done a surprising job on Facebook. By using a simple Facebook hack, Pablo managed to get more than 200K likes and shares on one of his posts in less than 24 hours. Sounds amazing. Do you still want to know how he did this? What he has done to get these likes and shares couldn't be declared a legit and ethical job but still I was amused from the idea he got to increase his social presence and popularity.