Learn how to delete your Facebook account permanently.

Most of people who use Facebook do not know that they can delete Facebook account permanently. They think that once a person makes a Facebook account, it remains forever and goes in till grave. Most of people know know how to deactivate their Facebook account which disables the Facebook account till the user logs in again to his account. But they don't know how to delete Facebook account even they aren't aware of this fact that Facebook accounts can be deleted permanently.

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Well it is possible to delete your Facebook account permanently and no one will be able to access your account again even if he knows your Username and Password for Facebook account. I am sharing with you the method of deactivating Facebook account.

Well first you should know that the Facebook account isn't disabled instantly. When you apply for the deletion of your Facebook account, the account is made deactivated for 14 days. If you log in again in the period of these 14 days, your account is restored and deleting process is stopped. But if you don't log in this time period, your Facebook account will be deleted permanently after 14 days of application.

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Here is the method of deleting Facebook account.

1. Go to Facebook Account Deletion Page by Clicking Here.

2. Enter the Email Address and Password of your Facebook account if you aren't logged in already. If you are logged in you will be redirected directly to account deletion page.

3. Click on "Delete My Account" button.

4. Enter the identification test captcha and your password in the next pop up box.

5. Click on Okay and leave your account closed for at least 15 days.

Your Facebook account will be deactivated first for 14 days and after continuous closure of 14 days, it will be automatically deleted permanently.


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