Twitter has revolutionized the social media by coming in this field with its micro blogging service. The tweeters can share their thoughts and words with millions of people quickly. It is also supported with mobile phone and SMS which makes it a service which can be used anywhere.

Many people are using Twitter for marketing among them a huge number is busy in dealing with SMS marketing. How SMS marketing with Twitter is possible. Most of us know very well about Email Marketing. SMS marketing is nearly the similar procedure in which we have to collect and SMS to mobile phone numbers instead of collecting and sending Emails to Email Addresses.

The requirements of Email Marketing are different from SMS marketing but their ground is basically the same which is to get more sales. Well many people are using different BULK SMS Senders and other services to continue their SMS marketing but these things cost a lot and it isn't necessary that they always give satisfactory results. In some countries Like Pakistan, government also bans sending bulk SMS for marketing purposes so this method is not going to be successful everywhere.

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Those who are unable to continue SMS marketing with this way can choose Twitter for marketing purposes. Well you would ask how it is possible as Twitter is a micro blogging social media platform only.. Yeah it is only a social media platform but you know that it also has support for SMS and mobile phone carriers by which we can send and receive tweets on our mobile phones via SMS. This is the key which we must have to keep in order to open the lock of marketing with SMS.

What things you must know before going to tweet your marketing SMS?

It is the number of followers on mobile. For this, get followers on twitter and make sure that they can receive your tweets via SMS. A good trick to get twitter followers on mobile is to first send SMS to your contacts in which you tell them to Follow you via SMS and also asking them to forward that SMS to their contacts too. A sample message can be like this..

Send Follow @UserName to TwitterShortCode (e.g 40404) to receive updates/news/gossips/tipsntricks/etc for free. Send this to your contacts to invite them too.

TwitterShortCodes are different for various carriers in different countries so you can change this to your country short codes. A list of these codes can be found by Clicking Here.

Keep getting followers through this way. You can also request other marketers to promote your twitter ID on SMS. When you have a good number of followers on mobile phones, you can start your SMS marketing campaign with twitter. That will cost you nothing except for some hours of your time in beginning and after an established business, you will have to Tweet only your message that will be delivered to thousands of people without any trouble.

Some Tips On How To Get Followers:

As I told you before that you will have to send SMS to your contacts in beginning so you can tell them you are starting a news service or any other service like tips and tricks or something similar to this. People will like to follow you for these kind of tweets so keep sending them their required material for which they are following you. This will increase your popularity on twitter and SMS service which is directly proportional to the number of followers. Keep sending them updates and also you can send one or two marketing messages per day or per week. When you get established, you can reduce the number of updates and can increase the number of marketing messages but don't bother your followers. Keep in mind that they can also un-follow you at any time if you start annoying them. Just start positively and send positive SMS...


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