Everyone wants to be hacker but is it possible for everyone to become a hacker? Find the answer of this question in this special article written for hacking lovers.

"Learn how to hack" is one of the most popular keyword used at Google. Though hacking is a reality but it is not possible for everyone to hack thus millions of people waste their precious time and money in searching online for hacking tips and tricks, for hacking methods and hacking software. In this quest, they end with their efforts being ruined and the disastrous wastage of their time and money.

All users should know that hacking isn't a thing in which everyone can succeed. Every time you attempt to learn about hacking using search engines or hacking websites, your efforts would definitely go in the vain at the end so don't think about hacking and keep using your own social media and other accounts. Now a question arises that if hacking isn't possible using these things then why we find tons of articles and websites over this topic. To know this answer, you must be aware of the reality of Hacking websites.

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Reality Of Hacking Sites:

All of us know that online earnings of an internet business basically depend upon traffic and advertising. The huge traffic and best advertising platform is the key to success of an internet business. Now if we read the minds of visitors and internet users, they are curious to know about the private information of other people which they don't expose to everyone. For this they may choose hacking their social media accounts as their first priority. This thinking boosts the search for hacking software, hacking methods and results in the viral traffic to those websites which claim to give hacking information, hacking tutorials, hacking software, hacking tips, hacking tricks, hacking methods. The most popular search terms for hacking are how to hack facebook account, facebook hacking, hack facebook account, facebook hacking tutorials, facebook hacking software etc. So with the search of these terms, these websites which claim to give hacking tutorials and so called hacking software earn a lot.

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Different Types Of Free Hacking Sites:

If you have ever tried to hack Facebook account or any other social media account by using hacking websites online, you would have seen that after entering the Email address or Id of that account, they say in the end that they have hacked account credentials for you, put authorization code or enter XYZ code to get them and when you go forward to next steps, they ask you to download a file and when you try to download that file, the system says you to complete surveys. If you are a US or Canadian visitor, this is the only chance that a survey may appears for you but if you are from the rest of world, you don't see any survey offer so your efforts lasts with bad thoughts about those sites. If you are US or Canadian visitor and take your time to complete that survey and finally finish the long chain of those surveys, then in the end you successfully download their required files. After the successful entry of that authorization code or the credentials which they give in their file you receive hilarious errors from that site which only make you hyper and nothing more. So you would ask now, how they get benefit by this?

Its so simple, there are many pay per download networks on which a registered user upload a file and share the download URLs of those files to other people. Now the person who tries to download that file will have to complete a survey before downloading the file and one completed survey gives a good amount of money to the Uploader almost $0.60 to $20 for per completed survey depending upon the length and nature of survey. This way, these websites earn money.

Another type of hacking sites are those which claim to give hacking software. Whenever someone downloads those software and install them, he gets frustrated to see some other software which are usually Adware or Malware being installed in his computer and he is even unable to figure out his desired software in his installed apps list. This is another method of earning money by fooling others. This explanation was about the sites which claim to give free Facebook account hacking or other social media hacking.

What About Paid Hacking Sites?

Now come towards paid hacking sites. These sites are also fraud, though you will read many testimonials about their services that they are legit and you can easily hack facebook, twitter etc account using them blah blah.. All of these testimonials and comments are also fake and self created. Suppose, you buy any service from these sites but at the end you get nothing. Then whom will you complain about them? Will you go to court against them or will you gonna open any dispute against them?? Its the matter of common sense that Hacking itself an illegal method and if you pay someone for it, you are committing a cyber crime so you cannot do anything against them even after paying them for their so called services.

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Why We See Complimentary Comments About These Sites On Other Sites And Blogs:

Well in the end, you ask me, "Suppose all of this is true and there services are fraud, then why we see comments on other websites and blogs that they are legit hacking sites and anyone can hack any account using them?"

This is the thing which makes some users to think about hacking again and they don't loose hope to hack any of their friend or spouse's account. Now you must remember that these comments are always from users who are paid for commenting on these blogs and posting ads of these so called hacking sites to other blogs and websites. That is just to increase their SEO score and getting higher index ranking in search engines. So be aware of these misleading ads and comments. Don't waste your precious time and money on these services and invest it in more productive way.

Hacking does exist and it is a cyber fact but it's not the thing which you can done by Googling or becoming fool. This is only the wastage of time.


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