Article reveals shocking fact about the Emails which can prove life threatening for you in future. Know what to do with those kind of Emails.

Have you ever received an Email asking you to provide your personal information so they can trust you to transfer a vast amount of money in your bank account? If your answer is Yes, then you might think they are just scamming you or it is something like a practical joke. But hold on.
It isn't as simple as you are thinking. It may threaten your life and security if you reply to these kind of Emails.

How Could These Emails Be Dangerous For You?

The question arises how could these Emails dangerous for you if you reply to them? They aren't asking you for any password or other details which you keep private. They only ask for the things which are public and are accessible to many people. Then how could it become insecure for you?

Let me give you an example of such type of Email.
Greetings my dearest,
I know that you will be surprise to hear about this transaction since we don't know each other before, but it was due to the urgency of this transaction makes me to contact you immediately through email please accept my apology.
I am the chief Audit and Account Manager of XYZ Bank. i need your urgent assistance in transferring this sum of ($14.5 Million USD) to a foreign account, please would you be interested to assist me with in this transaction with your bank account to receive this fund and also finance the expense that will occur together with me during the transaction?.
Therefore, you will have 50% of the above mentioned sum if you agree in handling the up-front expense that will come up together with me, i look forward to receive your return mail for more details on how to execute the transfer to your account.
With my position in the bank i assure you with 100% risk free that this transaction is not a childish game play neither a scam or fraud and i want you to indicate your full interest with assurance of trust that you will not betray me once the fund is transfer into your nominated bank account, in-which you are advice to kindly send to me your information below as follows, while i look forward for your urgent.
(1) Your full names:************
(2) Your private phone number:*******
(3) Your current residential address:*************
(4) Your international passport copy or ID Card:**********
(5) Your Age ***********
(6) Your Sex:*************
(7) Your occupation:***********
(8) Your country of origin:**********
Regards, in sincerity,
My private contact number: 123456789.
This is an example of Email which you may receive for these kinds of frauds. On other hand you may receive Emails saying that a millionaire has died and they want to donate his all wealth to a kind and generous person or someone from your relatives has died and bequeathed all his legacy for you etc.
Now come to the point what is real threat behind these Emails.

Well, most of us will obviously think that in they end they would ask us for some money to make this transfer, but will not transfer it after they get money from you. I do not deny this fact because it also encounters and many people have lost billions of bucks in this business of fraud. The victims in the end remain without money. You might come across this type of fraud too, but this isn't the only fraud which you may encounter after replying to them.

What Is Other Fraud Which You May Come Across?

If you are thinking that they won't transfer anything in your account then you might be thinking in wrong direction. It could happen that they ask your bank account information and transfer a vast amount of money in your bank account by making you surprised. You won't believe it but it indeed they can transfer the amount in your bank account and make you millionaire over nights. But before proceeding, you must think is it safe to get this type of money and is it the legal way by which you receive the money?

As mentioned in the above example, the bank CEO is involved in transfer who is authorized to take many actions but under the law of his institution so are they really following the law of their respective institution?

How This Fraud Occurs?

Suppose a rich man has an account in a bank worth million of dollars but he dies intestate and no one to claim his inheritance. What the bank will do with his money? If someone outside successfully claims a relation with the account holder, then the bank can transfer all the wealth to him. A bank servant cannot do this but if someone has a powerful position in the bank like CEO. The situation could change. He can produce a person to claim the wealth and after the approval of CEO, he receives it but what happens after receiving the money?

This is the point where I wanted to bring you. It is most difficult task to earn money and the more difficult is to save the money which you get by doing nothing. The money which someone receives in this manner is always illegal and he will always fear to face police if anything unexpected happens to him. Think? Will the bank CEO who has provided you this money leave you after transferring this money to your account?

The answer is "NO".

You life and security might come in danger after getting the easy money. Many incidents have been reported by victims who had got the wealth in this way but after it their all money was taken by masterminds forcibly or by torture which was a nightmare for them. No one wants to put his life or security in danger knowingly but they were unaware of the after effects of this fraud so took their part in that fraud.

Where To Report These Fraud Emails:

After knowing this, I expect from you that you won't ever reply to these kind of Emails and if you ever again get such type of Email, don't forget to report these Emails to International Crimes Schemes reporting center.


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