Article about PR update. Google last Pagerank update was unexpected and unintentional. Will Google update Pagerank anymore? As rumors are flying Google will close this ranking factor for ever

There are doubts and concern about Google Pagerank next update in webmaster communities. It was last updated in December 2013, since then Webmasters have been waiting for newer update but nothing is announced clearly by Google. Many SEO experts are thinking that Google will not update this factor anymore. Google used to update Pagerank after every quarter since February 2013. In the last quarter of 2013 Google's Matt Cutt showed doubts if there would any future update of PR in 2013 but webmasters were surprised when Google officially announced the update on 6th December 2013. That was the first longest interval between two successive PR updates. Now the waiting period has crossed more than 9 months and nothing can be said with surety about the future updates so it is an unanswered question in thousand of minds.

What Is PageRank and How It Works?

It is a ranking algorithm by Google from scales 0 to 10. It shows how important a domain is. Many factors are involved in calculation of this algorithms which include quality content, domain presence on internet, backlinks on other sites etc. This determination helps Google to index a website in search rankings. Sites with higher Pagerank get a notable presence in search results so webmaster make strategies to increase their websites Pagerank. The strange silence on Pagerank update by Google is creating an environment of confusion.

Why There Was Long Delay In Last PR Update:

The 8 months delay was an unexpected event. In last quarter of 2013, Matt Cutt said that the "pipeline" used to send automatic updates to Pagerank toolbar had been broken thus Google hadn't updated it. He further added that it might be the end of Pagerank updates. He claimed that the last update was unintentional update. Well, if we see his statements, we might conclude the latest is also the last update but it raises another question for the new sites which were launched after 6th December 2014. Would these sites will be enjoying any more benefits in Search rankings because if PR is not updated, they will always have 0 pagerank which indicates least important site. Will they be able to compete those sites which have higher Pagerank?

We still believe that PR effects search rankings. Until it is clearly mentioned if PR factor has been excluded from ranking signals or Google will update Pagerank, new webmasters will remain in a state of worry. Like all other signals announcements, Google should also clear doubts and concern over this factor.


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