Google has introduced new feature of mobile usability reports in webmaster tools. See how it will help you in creating a mobile responsive website.

Usage of mobile to access internet is getting increased day by day. To present better viewership to visitors, trend of creating mobile friendly sites has got a boost. Every webmaster is trying to must have a mobile friendly environment which supports all type of portable devices making it easier to search and view the site according to requirements of the device. Mobile version and responsive design are two most popular ways which are used to make a site compatible with device width. Creation of responsive website is not only due to its compatibility with screen widths but popularity of mobile devices is another big factor which enforces a webmaster to make a site for all device users. An internet user loves a site in which up-down scrolling covers all the content of site and there is no need to scroll webpages horizontally. It doesn't help users except annoying them. In mobile devices users are more likely to see the websites which have these features hence Google recommends to create a responsive template for mobile users.

Watching this trend, Google has now introduced mobile usability reports in webmaster tools which will show the issues regarding mobile phone usability of the site. These issues include
  • Flash content on the site.
  • Missing viewport meta tag. It is a meta tag which is necessary for mobile view of the site. It adjusts site width according to responsive design.
  • Issues regarding tiny fonts.
  • Width adjustment according to screen, it will also let you know if your content is not adjusted to viewport (the visible portion of the site)
  • If your site hyper-links or clickable buttons are too close to each other.
This feature will show the reports of above issues with graphs over time which would help you to see complete progress of what you are providing to mobile-phone users.

Where To Find Mobile Usability Reports:

You can find your mobile usability reports under search traffic tool in your Google webmaster tools where you will find issues regarding it. Google bots will crawl your site for mobile and show the list of all mobile issues to be fixed.

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Google recommendations are to thoroughly read mobile usability reports to see what you can do in order to improve your site's user experience. Usually it involves slight changes in site template to make it mobile friendly. If you are still using only desktop design, its time to add more to it and make it SEO friendly by making your site's design mobile responsive.


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