Finding publication date of a website is not always an easy task when site owner doesn't wish to display the dates publicly. Here is a simple hack to know the exact date of any webpage publishing.

Publication date is that date when the webpage was first published on internet to be viewed by public. Most of the sites display publication date of the site and its webpages at a distinguished place from where an individual can easily find it but it is not always the case. Sometimes it becomes very hard to know the date when the webpage was first published especially when the site owner doesn't show any clue of page update. This situation disturbs a lot when you want to cite publication date of any article, picture, news or website as reference in your work. If you are unable to find webpage publishing date on the site itself or from search results and ready to give up, don't do it. I have a simple hack which can help you find the publishing date of any webpage around the internet.

Find The Date When Webpage Was Published On Internet:

This hack works with Google so first of all open and follow the below steps.

1. In Google search bar copy and paste the whole URL of the webpage with inurl command as given in following example.
2. It will display search results for that webpage.


3. The results might contain the publishing date of the webpage. If it contains, just stop here because you have found the date. If there is no date in search results then move forward towards step 4.


4. Now go to URL bar of the browser and just after the URL, copy and paste the following piece of code and hit enter.
5. It will show beside search results the date when the article was first published.

google-calendar-results, time
In this way the webpage can be cited for the reference to be used in journals, newspapers, magazine and research works. You can also use these references in your online articles to make them more authentic looking thus improving your visibility on internet.

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