Curious to know how much visitors like and interact your domain using Facebook? So apply Facebook domain insights for your blog.

Being most popular social media platform, Facebook might be an important traffic source for your website. To keep track of traffic and engagement of users coming from FB, getting Facebook domain insights is best option. This tool gives complete stats of people who are coming to your website from Facebook. According to Facebook,
Domain Insights shows all referral traffic to your domain from Facebook, including when people link to your site in their Facebook status messages, clicks on social plugins such as the Like or Share button, and more.
These stats can help you plan better social media strategy for your website to get desired traffic from Facebook. Here we are going to explain the method of getting FB domain insights.

Claim A Domain To Get Facebook Domain Insights:

Follow below steps to claim a domain for getting domain insights.

1. Login to your facebook account and go to Facebook Insights dashboard.

2. In domain insights box click on "Add Your Domain" button.


3. Next a pop-up window will appear. Write your domain without "http://www." and select the Admin for the domain insights. It may be an app or your own account.


4. An "fb:admins" or "fb:app_id" meta tag will appear which you have to paste in head section of your web page. In case of blogger, paste the meta tag in head section of Blog's template.

fb:admin tag looks like following and is used to link an account with domain.
    <meta property="fb:admins" content="1234" />
fb:app_id tag is used to link an app with domain and looks like following.
    <meta property="fb:app_id" content="your_app_id" /> 
Read how to Create Facebook App For Website to Get APP ID.

Click on "Get Insights" button. Your domain would be linked to domain insights.

If you are going to link it with an app, then all administrators of that app will also be administrators of domain insights.

In case of linking account, only you will be admin. You can add more Admins by adding additional fb:admin tags in head section of the page. Replace the value of content with Facebook account ID of the new Admin. Visit Find My Facebook ID to get your numberical FB ID.

After setting domain insights to your website, you can visit Facebook Insights dashboard to view stats of traffic driven to your domain via facebook.


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