Easiest and working method to reveal any hidden Facebook profile picture which always work.

You might be willing to see the private profile pic of other Facebook users to identify them accurately. The 160x160 size box isn't always enough to display the profile picture properly so the it becomes difficult to know if we are interacting with right person. In these cases we need to reveal the Facebook profile picture if the person has set privacy on all his profile pictures. While you Google the term "how to see private Facebook profile pictures" you might come across with many methods which are difficult to understand and not always working. There are also some browser ad-on, extensions and online tools available which magnify the size of profile picture but the problem remains the same that they don't work on all profiles. In this situation, we need a reliable method which should always work.

I am gonna share with you the easiest and working method which always work even if you aren't logged into Facebook account. We will be using Facebook graphs to reveal someone's hidden display photo. These graphs contain important data of FB users which is used by Facebook servers to make interaction of people which have something in common to interact with each other thus you always see friends suggestions of those people whom you know in your locality, work place or educational institution. These graphs also contain the profile pictures of all Facebook users which you can easily reveal using following technique.

To See Someone's hidden Facebook profile picture, click on browser's address bar and paste the URL containing the Facebook ID in following format.
Replace blue highlighted "fb-profile-id" with the user ID of the person with hidden profile pic. It will open full sized profile picture in browser window. To get profile ID of any Facebook user, go to his profile and copy the numerical or alphabetic string which represent his profile. For example, to see my Facebook profile picture, get my FB username "jaribhai123" as given in following screenshot.

Facebook Profile

And follow the above link with that username.
Facebook profile picture

In this manner, you successfully see the hidden profile pictures of any Facebook user even without logging in to your account.


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