Getting approved for Adsense account is what bloggers wish but it's something which isn't possible for everyone after the strict rules and terms of Adsense. Those who get rejected from Adsense, seek for other Adsense alternatives so they can monetize their already present content. There are hundreds of Adsense alternatives available which help publishers in content monetization. Here I am going to brief you about the best Adsense alternatives which I have ever found. I have been blogging since more than a year and have used many Adsense alternatives so here is the conclusion of my experience which will also help you.

Before going further, I would also share that these platforms are not only Adsense alternatives but if you are verified Adsense account holder, than you can also increase your earnings by using them. This technique is used by many bloggers helping them in making most from their blogs. Let's jump to our review.

1. RevenueHits:

Revenuehits was founded in 2008 and now it is serving million of Ads. I have placed this ad network at top of Adsense alternatives list because of many reasons. It is eCPM based ad network with high paying rates. Compared to its competitors, Revenuehits pays more to its publishers. Their eCPM rates are higher than any other ad network thus you can earn more with this ad network. They have multiple payout options which include Paypal, Payoneer and wire transfer. Payment frequency is once in every 30 days. If you are seeking for a best Adsense alternative, then I would suggest Revenuehits as top priority because it will help you in earning more quickly than any other ad network. They serve multiple type of ads including banner ads, popup ads, shadow box and footer ad.
Like Revenuehits, Qadabra is another high paying eCPM bases ad network. It has also multiple ad types which help in customizing ads perfectly. Their rates are also a lot better than other eCPM networks. UI of their site is amazing which assures a user that this is a loyal network. I installed their ads for almost three months and got good results. Their payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer and wrire transfer. Payment frequence is once in every 45 days. Minimum payout is just $1 for Paypal users while Payoneer users get paid once they reach $10.

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3. Infolinks:

Infolinks is a unique type of Ad networks which display in-line text ads inside the content of website. After installing the infolinks script, he textual content generates text link which serve as Ads on your website. They provide some other types too which can easily customized. Infolinks is an old eCPM based network. The interesting thing is that it can be used easily with giant Adsense ads and Google allows it to be used with their ads thus you can integrate Infolinks in your website to increase Adsense earnings too. Their payment methods are Paypal and Payoneer. Payment frequency is once in every 30 days. Minimum payout is $50.

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4. Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser is eCPM based network which serves textual or graphic ads. Although UI of its website looks old and out of fashion but contrary to its site appearance, this Ad network is among the most popular Adsense alternatives. Approval process is very fast and you can register and be approved in just 5 minutes. Their paying eCPM rates are good and if you have a good amount of site traffic, you can earn a healthy income from Bidvertiser. Ads are available in multiple sizes and can be displayed on unlimted sites. Payment option are Paypal and check only. Minimum payout for Paypal is $10 while for check it is $100. Payment frequency is net 30 days.

5. Content.Ad: is eCPA based ad network which pays its users when they click an ad and perform specific action like purchasing something, signing up for an account or watching a video. The eCPA rates are very high. The ads which are shown by don't look like normal banner or text ads but they are totally different from them. These ads are shown as sponsored content and only 1 type of Ads can be placed. If you have good readership then there is a high chance that you earn quality good income from network. can also be integrated with Adsense ads easily and it doesn't change your readers' experience. Payments are made once in a month if revenue is more than $50. Revenue under $50 is paid once a year in January.

6. BuySellAds:

As the name indicates, here publishers sell ads to advertisers. If you have good website traffic and enough amount of monetizable content, you can apply for BuySellAds. The reason I placed it on 6th position is that its approval is not as quick as above mentioned ad networks. Only high quality content is approved for BuySellAds. Payments are dependent on the site traffic.


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  1. Since 2 weeks ago I’ve put Chitika ads on my page, to see if anyone clicks on them. Nobody so far yet. Don’t worry I already expected something like this. Do you think it would be the amount of traffic? At the moment I get around 863 visitors and 1,550 views or would it be that I don’t know my audience good enough (or let’s say they don’t know me good enough yet, to be trusted)? Furthermore I haven’t put the ads on every post yet (only 3 for now). Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Yes, it's most appropriate reason could be less traffic.