Learn how to make free international calls from your browser to any phone number in the world.

There was a time when calling internationally for free was considered a dream but now it is possible to call your relatives anywhere in this world without spending a penny. VOIP cum social media apps like Skype, Viber, Tango, Line, Whatsapp etc also serve the features of international calling but from these platforms, free calls only be made when both of the caller and receiver have same application or service. Making a call on a mobile phone or landline number can be cheaper with these services but we cannot mark them totally free. There are a number of services and apps that provides facility to make unlimited free calls to USA and Canada phone numbers but most of the times we have to call outside USA so what should we do in these circumstances?

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Is It Possible To Make Free International Calls?

Someone may ask is it possible to make a totally free international call to any mobile phone number or landline number in the world. Yes it is possible.

In this post, I am going to review two new sites from which you can make totally free international calls from your PC browser to any phone number in the world. Sounds weird? But it is actually possible. If we look into past, we found a popular service Evaphone through which people could easily make free international calls to any phone number directly from their browser. The service was cut a few years ago. I had been searching for similar services like Evaphone since two years but didn't find any site like that. Recently I found two sites which let visitors to make international calls for free. Here I am reviewing these two sites.

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1. Call2Friends:

This website lets you make a 2-3 minutes free call (duration based on phone number destination) from your browser to any international phone number. The major limitation is that only one call can be made once a day with a single IP address for free. To make unlimited calls, you have to get a paid subscription after which calls become cheaper but not totally free. However for some people, one call can be enough for a day because the call is counted only when the receiver answers you call. Any unanswered call will not be counted. Though with these limiations Call2Friends is still a better option than many SIP or VOIP services for those who rarely make international calls.

2. GlobFone:

This free software lets you call directly from your browser to almost all over the world. You can not only make calls but send text messages too. According to their claim,GlobFone supports 95% networks of the world. Being a free service, it also has some limitations which are not disclosed by official site. Based on user reviews and experiences around the internet, I have found that from 1 IP Address 5 calls of a few minutes can be made per day. However there are some variations in user reviews so you can yourself find the daily limit with your own experience.

Final Words:

We have found these two free international browser to mobile phone calling services for you but they have some limitations. Calling with these limitations is not suitable in all circumstances so it cannot be the substitute of paid subscriptions of VOIP services. However to those who have very little to work with calls can use and enjoy these services.


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