List of 20 Websites where you can fiind best quality blogger templates.

Blogger has some limitations as it is completely free system for bloggers. The major limitations which newbies complain about also include lack of professional looking official templates by Blogger. The official templates available in the Blogger dashboard seem to have older styles which aren't appealing to visitors impacting badly to blog reputation. Thousands of custom templates are also available on internet but due to the numerous sources providing these templates, it is difficult to decide where can we find high quality professional looking blogger templates. While searching for blogger templates on Google search engines, I've found many times those sites on top of the list which contain old styled templates which also lack requirements for a modern blog that include following factors.
  • Responsive Design
  • Magazine Style
  • SEO Optimized Tags
  • Ads Placement
  • Simple Coding etc..
In this situation, it becomes difficult to find desired template. Most of the template designers don't take care of search engine optimization and responsive design which may cause a decrease in your rankings. Search engines now love to see those sites which are also optimized to be used on mobile devices. Thus to maintain rankings, it is also important to satisfy Google mobile bots. Now one could ask where to find quality templates? In this post I am going to answet the above question.

Here I will tell you about 20 sites which provide high quality blogger templates to satisfy all of your SEO ans SMO needs. The owners of these sites provide their self created templates and don't share templates from other designers. Free and paid, both type of templates are available on these places. Most of the times I have seen that some designers offer free templates but in free version they manipulate the coding of different objects that disturb the shape of template. It frustrates a normal blogger who doesn't know how to play with coding. It's purpose is to force more users to buy paid templates.. You will also find quality free templates in these sites. However paid ones have more freedom than free ones. Anyways, we start our review.

1. SEO Blogger Templates:

Run by a team of Indian developers, this site provides best quality free responsive blogger templates with a non-removable footer credit that can be removed by buying full version for a specified price. SEO Blogger Templates is one of the most popular name in template providers as their templates are always of high quality. They not only provide already created templates but also create ordered templates for their customers as per their demand for $150 with money back guarantee of satisfaction.

2. Mas Template:

Partner site of SEO Blogger templates, this site also provides responsive high quality blogger templates for free as well as paid version with removable footer credits and non-encrypted scripts. They also make templates on demand. All kind of templates are available on this site. Like SEO blogger templates, their templates are designed professionally for every kind of blog.

3. Weblog Templates:

Weblog templates is another big source of responsive and high quality blogger templates. Available for free, they can also be purchased at a specified price to remove credit links from footer. They also create templates on demand with prices starting from $50. On Web Log templates, one can also order for changing his already existing template into a responsive template. Prices start from $25.


PipDig contains unique highly optimized professional blogger templates.Unlike majority of blogger template providers, PipDig isn't totally or partially free. It doesn't offer even a single template for free to its customers. Prices for Blogger templates start from $49. They also make templates on demand too.

5. ThemExpose:

ThemExpose is one of the blogger templates sources where highly professional quality templates are available for free. Compared to PipDig, I prefer ThemExpose more because of lower prices. Removing Footer link from ThemExpose templates costs only $5.95 minimum which is many times lesser than that of PipDig. Custom services are also available starting from $50.

6. Sora Templates:

Another place to get quality responsive blogger templates. Sora Templates provide free templates and their paid versions with removable credit links starting from $6.95. Templates on this website are of high quality and contain all kind of optimization necessary for a successful blog. However I don't recommend downloading free version of templates from Sora Templates unless you know the art of coding because most of the times template is manipulated in free versions so to force users for buying paid version. But I can't deny the awesomeness of their templates.

7. Templateism:

Syed Faizan Ali, a talented young Pakistani guy runs a network of blogger related blogs. The main blog run by him is My Blogger Lab in which he posts tutorials about blogger. At templateism he provides free and paid blogger templates along with his paid services. I've found all templates on Templateism of high quality with a responsive design that meet all kind of SEO needs. Prices of premium temlates start from $30.

8. IVYThemes:

IVYThemes is one of the best resource for premium responsive blogger templates. It also provides free blogger templates but majority of templates available on their site are premium only which can be purchased at a fixed price starting from $20. Templates on this site are awesome fulfilling all modern SEO requirements.

9. ODD Themes:

A number of high quality free blogger templates are available on this site. Paid versions of these templates are economical with starting price of only $5.95. They also create templates on order with the starting price of $50. All of the templates are unique and mobile responsive.

10. Way2Themes:

Run by a network of three Indian developers, way2themes is one of the best resource for free and premium blogger templates to be used for magazines, tech-blogs etc. The best thing in their templates is professional look with responsive web design. Prices for premium templates start from $15 with a 7 days refund if you aren't satisfied from their services. They also create ordered blogs.

11. Templatezy:

Templatezy is another good resource for free responsive blogger templates. Prices for premium templates start from $15 on templatezy. They also offer templates to be created on demand starting from $50.

12. Template Trackers:

Template trackers is another provider of awesome responsive blogger templates which can be used for personal blogs, tech-blogs, magazine blogs etc. Both free and premium versions of templates are available. Pricing starts from $7.95 for premium versions of templates.

13. Templateify:

Templateify provides high quality responsive blogger templates. Both free and premium versions are available for their templates but if you love templates from this site, I always recommend you to buy premium versions unless you are good at blogger template coding. Single premium version of templates is available for $19.99 but beside this, they also have plans for premium membership which allow you access to all of their templates for free. Price of Premium membership is $99.99 and business membership costs $129.99 which gives freedom to use Templateify templates on your clients' blogs. Premium memberships also have monthly recurring charges starting from $9.99 so you should decide wisely either to buy a single premium version only or to purchase a membership.

14. BTDesigner:

BTDesigner is a blog run by George Robinson who is a Brazilian born French designer. BTDesigner contain free high quality responsive blogger templates which meet all modern SEO needs. There is no premium template available on BTDesigner and all are available totally free licensed under creative common attribution 3.0 which allows both personal and commercial use of these templates giving proper credits to author. Not all templates on this site are responsive but still they are very nice. You can make them responsive yourself if you know how to make a blogger template responsive.

15. SimplexDesign:

SimplexDesign is another source of completely free responsive blogger templates. Only free versions of templates are available on SimplexDesign. However they make customizations in already existing templates or convert any website design into a blogger template in $25 for their customers. In this way, it is also a good website to get high quality templates. Templates for personal blogs, magazines, tech-blogs, lifestyle etc are available on SimplexDesign having professional styles.

16. Rain Templates:

Rain Templates is relatively newer site than those reviewed above. However templates available on this site reach the peak of awesomeness. Like only paid templates are available on Rain Templates not having a single version for free. Prices of templates start from $21. Custom services are also available on reasonable prices.

17. BThemez:

BThemez is one of my most favourite places for free blogger templates. Premium versions of these templates are also very economical available for just $5.95 which is almost nothing for such high quality templates. It is relatively newer site so you might have not listened about it too much but I am sure that after visiting their templates, you will agree with me.

18. VeeThemes:

Another newer site where a collection of professional responsive blogger templates is available. Both free and premium versions of templates are available. Pricing for premium versions start from $6.95.

19. BloggerMotion:

BloggerMotion is a newer site run by a Pakistani guy Shabbir Ahmed. Till the date of writing this review, there are only 4 templates available on BloggerMotion but all 4 are awesome templates with responsive design. Shabbir is offering all templates for free only expecting from us to keep credit links in our blog. I have used BloggerMotion's templates on various blogs and found them great to be used on major categories of blogs.

20. Kaizen Template:

The reason why I placed Kaizen Templates at the bottom of the list is that KaizenTemplate doesn't contain their own created templates. They collect and provide review of blogger templates from other designers. In spite of this, templates available on Kaizen Template are awesome and most of them are responsive which can be used for multi-purpose blogging. All templates are available for free here.

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