Introduction to popular and paying android apps on which you can win free bitcoins just by playing games.

There are multiple apps on android which give points to their users for completing tasks such as trying and installing their advertisers' apps or completing surveys and after reaching a specified threshold, those points can be redeemed into dollars. Although it is not a bad deal to get some bucks by checking new apps but it lacks fun and entertainment. It is somewhat time consuming and boring process which everyone doesn't enjoy. In this scenario we also see making money by playing games which is not a new concept. The problem is that there are not many skill based money making games which can be played for free. A number of games are actually online casinos and gambles in which risk of loosing money is greater than making money. So today I am giving introduction to 5 android apps on which one can easily earn bitcoins just by playing games.

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Now we move forward towards the apps' introduction.

1. BitCoinFlapper:

Produced and launched by Bitplay, this game is similar to one of the most popular mobile games "Flappy Bird". There are 2 modes of playing this game, either entering a tournament which is played between 4 players or challenging someone else. A user can enter 200 tournaments from a single device in 24 hours and can challenge 5 times to other players. In a classic tournament, the player who gets first position wins 0.000006 BTC, and second and third position holders win 0.0000015 BTC and 0.0000005 BTC respectively.


Flappy Bird

Although it doesn't pay you a large amount of money but that small chinks are associated with fun so it worth your leisure time. You can withdraw your earnings at a minimum cashout amount of 0.00016 BTC. Pro version of coinflapper is also available BitPlay's Official Website on which you have to pay a fee of 0.001 BTC to enter a tournament but the rewards are much more higher than free tournaments. First position holder wins 0.003 BTC and second wins 0.0005 BTC in pro tournament but I would not recommend you to play in pro tournaments until you become expert at coinflapper.

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2. BitCoin Crush:

Another free game from BitPlay which pays BTC to match and crush diamonds and jewels like that in Jewel Mania or Candy Crush Saga. Bitcoin crush is also run by BitPlay so you can play both CoinFlapper and BitCoin Crush with the same account on BitPlay and earnings from both game will be earned collectively in the same account.

Bitcoin Crush

Mode of tournaments and challenges are almost similar in both of the games except for rewards. Rewards in Bitcoin Crush are slightly less then that of CoinFlapper. First place holder wins 0.000003 BTC and the rewards for second and third place holders remain same as of CoinFlapper.

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3. Coin Hopper:

It is the third app from network and I like this app very much for earning bitcoins. In this app the motive is to save a sliding frog from rocks by hopping it on the walls. The game is full of fun and good way to consume your leisure time. In classic group tournament, 1st position holder gets 500bits, 2nd gets 150 bits and third gets 50 bits only.

Coin-hopper, bitcoin

coin-hopper, jaribhai-stats

Like bitcoin flapper, coin hopper also has a pro version after installing which you can also get into pro tournament. Playing a pro tournament of 4 players costs two tickets. Each ticket costs 100bits so that means you have to pay 200bits for entering a pro tournament. Pro winner receives 600bits and runner-up gets 100bits. There isn't any third position in pro tournaments.


The good news is, you get 20 free tickets of 2000bits worth when you install Coin Hopper Pro app and verify your phone number. Added more coin hopper pro is also supported with a referral program. You get 20 free tickets for each person you refer. The referral must unlock his 20 free tickets before you get the reward.
The bad news is, like Coin Flapper pro, coin hopper pro is also unavailable on Google play store. Only the classic version is available where you can play only free games. You can install coinhopper pro from the following link.

Install CoinHopper Pro App
Install CoinHopper From Google Play

4. Bitcoin Basketball:

It is fourth game from the same network Its rewards are same as for coinhopper except for the pro game. Till the date of writing this post, there isn't any pro version made for this game. The motive of this game is to put basketballs in basket. You get 1 point for putting each basketball in the basket.

Bitcoin Basketball

Bitcoin Basketball stats

In some shots, you see a bitcoin instead of a basketball that increases your points after you successfully send it to basket. Classic tournament is played between 4 players and each tournament is of 40 seconds. In 40 seconds the person who scores most wins the game.

5. Free Bitcoins:

This simple app is run by BitCoin aliens network which pays upto 5000 Satoshis per hour. It is not a skill based game but what actually works here is your luck. Every hour you get a chance to start game of luck and you can upto 5000 satoshis in every chance. Minimum payment threshold is 5500 which is sent to your bitcoin address automatically each Friday.

Bitcoin Aliens


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6. Alien Faucet:

It is another game run by BitCoin Aliens network which pays upto 4,338 Satoshis per hour to kill aliens. The amount of satoshis won varies on the basis of alien types, frequency of killing aliens and tournament.

Free Bitcoins and Aliens Faucet are run by same network so if playing both games from same account (which is based on your bitcoin address) the player get collective earnings for both games. The payment method is same as for above app.

Get Alien Faucet From BitCoin's Official Website

7. Abundance:

Abundance is third app from Bitcoin aliens network which pays you real bitcoin. It is almost similar to the free bitcoin app from Bitcoin aliens' very first app. The only difference is that you have to unlock a new quote before you can try your luck for satoshis. Each quote is about money and can be unlocked after every hour. After unlocking first hundred quotes, your level is increased and rewards are also increased with the level going up.

They do offer a referral program and you get 3000 satoshis for every new person you refer to this game.

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