5 stylish CSS tables which you will probably going to use in your website.

As a website or blog owner, you might have come across with situations when you need to make tables in your posts. In most cases, bloggers create simple HTML tables or import them from Microsoft Word. Simple HTML tables lack a glamorous look which becomes a hurdle to attract visitors while tables imported from MS Word aren't good for SEO as they contain a number of unnecessary tags that not only increase the page size but kill the on-page SEO. In modern design languages, CSS offers a variety of options to create awesome stylish tables. With CSS, it is possible to make nicely designed tables with multiple effects as you can see further in this post.

I have created some nicely designed tables with CSS that may attract your visitors. It is good option to use one of them instead of above stated examples. Here I am presenting demo of these tables.

1. Simple CSS Table With Hovering Effect:


This is a simple CSS table which looks similar to ordinary HTML tables but the notable thing in this table is a hovering effect on each cell. On hover background color of the cell is changed and font-weight is increased to bold. So it is rather stylish than ordinary tables.

2. Stylish CSS Table With Underlined Text On Hover:


This table is more stylish than the above one. The cells in this table are separate from each other and resemble tiles. On hover the background color of a single cell is changed to a more darker one and the text becomes underlined.

3. Stylish CSS Table With Fading Effect On Hover:


This is another stylish CSS table slightly different from previous tables. Even rows have a slightly grey color while odd rows are white. Heading cells are designed with gradient images as you can observe in the above demo. On hover the the color of whole row is changed to dark black while opacity in rest of all cells is reduced.

4. Stylish CSS Table With Blur Effect On Hover:


Like previous tables, it also has stylish hovering effects. All cells of this table including heading cells have cylindrical shape and are separate from each other. The interesting thing in this table is blur effect. On hover the whole row produces text shadow while rest of other rows get blurred. Like previous table it also has two coloured rows.

5. Stylish CSS Table With Color Changing Hover Effect:


Another stylish CSS table with two colored rows which have hovering effect on a single cell. On hover the cell color changes to black while text color changes to white.

Note: If you are working on blogger and want to add one of these stylish css tables in posts then check our guide on adding stylish CSS table in blogger posts. Just replace the CSS of your desired table with the CSS given in the demo. Rest of the procedure is same.

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