Forwarding your custom domain Email to Gmail for free is possible now. Learn how to do it?

Most of the Custom domain providers come with a built in Email system which lets you create an Email address based on your custom domain and check mail sent to that address. Email based on custom domain looks professional but managing mail on domain provider's Email system isn't something which everyone would like. The old 90's style theme and system sucks a lot. If you are a small business owner or a blogger, then it might not be interesting to invest for purchasing a paid subscription to manage Email on your custom domain Email.

A few years ago, Google started a project named as Google Apps which let site owners create and link their custom domain Email with Gmail for free. However after a period of time, they stopped free subscriptions and now only 1 month trial is available.

The price for their subscription is $5 per month or $50 annually. Everyone is not going to purchase their subscription with this rate and would try to search for free options. So I have a good news for those who want a free solution for their custom domain Email needs. Yes, you can have a free custom domain Email forwarding to Gmail even in 2015 with Zohomail. In this post I will show you how to do it. Lets start. This tutorial consists of two parts, first part consists of creating custom domain Email on Zohomail and in second part, I will show you how to forward Emails from Zohomail to Gmail.

1. Create Custom Domain Email On Zohomail For Free:

a) Go to Click on "Get Started" or "Pricing" button.

b) Sign-up with free account that provides you 5GB of free storage with one custom domain Email address. That is enough for a blogger or a small business holder.

c) After clicking on sign-up you will be forwarded to domain setup page. Here either enter your existing domain or purchase a new domain. Most probably you would be choosing existing domain so write your domain and click on "Add Domain".

d) Now signup page will appear, fill the form with required data. Your Zohomail ID would be your custom domain Email address so choose it wisely. In contact Email, provide working Email because it would be used in future for passwords retrieval or other inquiries. Click on "Sign Up".

e) Now Zohomail will ask you to verify your domain. Click on "Proceed to verify domain ownership".

f) On the next page, you will be provided multiple options for the verification of your domain with procedures. Verify your domain with any method you prefer and click on verify after performing the verification.

g) After successful verification, it will ask you to complete next steps. Proceed to next steps and perform the actions according to your need. Well I personally recommend you to Skip these steps until you reach "Configure Email Delivery". Follow the steps for Email delivery configuration so you can receive mails on your custom domain Email address.

h) Proceed to next steps and Skip or leave them according to your requirements.

After completing all steps, proceed to your Zohomail account. At this point you can receive mails to your Custom domain Email address on this account. Now I will show you how to automatically forwards Emails received on your domain Email address to Gmail account.

2. Forward Custom Domain Email To Gmail For Free:

a) Go to your Zohomail account and click on "Settings" on the top right side of the window.

b) In settings menu, click on "Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP".

c) Under Email forwarding, click on "Add Email Address" and add a Gmail address on which you want to forward your Emails. Note that Email forwarding is not limited to Gmail only and you can add any Email address provider of your own choice. You will start receiving automatically forwarded Emails to that address.

You're done.

Note: This method is for receiving Emails only on domain email address. To reply to or send Emails from domain address, you will be required to send mails through Zohomail account.

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