5 tech hacks which would change your way of using internet and technology.

Technology isn't limited to what you see in daily routine. There are many aspects that remain hidden until you find them accidentally like following 5 technology hacks. Most people don't know these tricks which can facilitate their use of internet. In this post, I will introduce you with these hacks.

1. Google Reverse Image Search:

I am quite sure most of you didn't know about this tool because people are habitual of searching images with text only. In one of my past posts, I explained how to optimize images for SEO so that Google bots recognize them to be displayed for specific search terms. But Google crawlers aren't efficient only to read text but also capable of showing similar image results. Sounds weird, but it isn't impossible. In just fraction of second, Google image search displays hundreds of images which look similar to the image you provided to Google.

To search similar images, just click on the CAM button placed at the right side of Google image searh bar as shown in screen shot below and upload the image.

Googel Image Search, Google

Google image search will show images that look similar to those images.

Video Tutorial

2. Connect To WIFI Without Password In WPS Enabled Devices:

Let suppose a situation. You are at your friend's home and want to use his wifi but he isn't telling you WIFI password. Then what would you do? Nothing... But I have a solution if he has WPS enabled WIFI router. And you would be happy to know that most WIFI routers are WPS enabled. You can connect to any WPS enabled WIFI router without password with this simple hack. Wifi routers come with a WPS setup button which allows users to connect their devices automatically without entering password or network security key. All you need is to just press the WPS button located at the back of WIFI device so your Smartphone or Laptop would connect automatically to his WIFI.

For Android:

In android smartphones, press the WPS button in Wireless Network Options.

Android WIFI Settings

Then press WPS button located at the back of Wifi router and your phone will connect to the WIFI in just few seconds.

Android WPS Settings

For Windows 8:

To connect WIFI through WPS button in Windows 8 Laptop. Click on networks option on taskbar. Select a wifi network, choose to connect automatically and then click connect.

Windows 8 Wifi

Setup wil ask you enter WIFI key or to press WPS button. Just press the WPS button and it will be connected to WIFI network.

Windows 8 WPS

3. Increase Internet Speed Of Your PC:

Most probably you didn't know that your PC uses only 80% of actual internet speed that your ISP provides. Rest of 20% is reserved for others purposes which a common person doesn't need and I am not going in its detail. The only thing of interest is that you can reduce this reserved bandwidth from 20% to 0 and experience 100% speed on your PC. Sounds cool.

Below is the procedure of increasing PC internet speed.

A. Press Windows Key+R to open "Run" dialogue box.

Windows Internet Speed

B. Type in "gpedit.msc" without quotes and press ok.

C. Proceed to Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler and double click on "Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

Windows Internet Speed

D. Mark "Enabled" ,write "0" in bandwidth limit and press ok. That's it.


Your internet speed will increase after performing this.

4. Hide "Seen" Status In Facebook Chat/Messages:

Most of the Facebook users want to disable seen status for the messages sent to them by their friends or relatives if they don't want to reply them or to show they have read their messages. The simple method is to delete these messages without reading them but at this moment, we can't "disable" our curiosity thus we read their messages. Well you must have tried to find a way to disable "Seen" status in Facebook privacy settings but you wouldn't have found that.

Don't worry if you didn't find any way to stop others from seeing seen status for the messages they send to you. With this simple hack, you can stop them from seeing "seen" message even if you've read the message. The only problem with this hack is that it works only on Desktop browsers like Mozilla and Google Chrome.

You just need to add a Firefox Addon or Extension in Chrome so you will be able to read messages without notifying the sender that you have "Seen" his messages.

Get Here: Facebook Message Seen Disable Add-On For FireFox

Get Here: Facebook Chat Privacy Extension For Chrome

These plugins stop the connection between your browser and Facebook servers that sends "Delivery" notifications thus the sender won't see "Seen" status. It would be disabled until you read the messages from other browser or device.

Like other plugins, you need to restart your browser in order to start using the above extensions.

5. Google Chrome Dinosaur Hidden Game:

While using Google chrome, you might have seen an "Unable to connect to the internet" error with a Dinosaur image above it. What you do in this situation? Waiting for the internet to be connected or just close the browser and shut down your PC? Well you can do more than it if you find that you can play an end-less running game with this T-Rex Dino. It is a hidden game inside chrome which can be played only when you are offline. Just press "Space bar" or any key from "Scroll Keys" and the game will start.

Google Chrome Dinosaur

Like all other Running games, the objective is simple. Save Dino from crashing with obstacle by either pressing "Up" or "Down" key.

Hope you like these hacks. If you found these helpful. Don't forget to like, comment and share it.

Main Image Credit: Pixabay


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