Facebook doesn't allow you to send messages directly into inbox of the people who are unknown to you on facebook and your message goes to other folder. Here is a simple trick to directly send message to inbox to any account.

Being the largest social media network, Facebook has become the major source of connecting people online. It has revolutionized the way of texting so a person can easily connect to his loved ones anywhere in the world having only an internet connection and Facebook supporting device. Beside having all facilities which Facebook provides to its users, there always remains somethings which some people don't want to have on Facebook. An example is of Facebook message restrictions. Facebook has set such restrictions on messages that a person cannot send messages directly to Facebook inbox of strangers or the people whom he doesn't know on Facebook. There are two types of message restriction settings in Facebook. One is "basic" and other is "strict".

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When a person sets message restriction to basic, he gets messages in Facebook inbox from his friends, mutual friends and people which he might know on Facebook. Setting filtration to "strict" allows only the messages of friends to arrive into inbox.

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When someone sends messages on Facebook to any stranger, they first go to "Others" folder and don't appear in Inbox until he replies to the sender. In this way many important messages are left unread. This could be less awful but the heck is that "others" folder can only be accessed via desktop hence those who use Facebook only on mobile can get into trouble by missing important messages.

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To bypass this restriction, there is a simple trick by using which you can send Facebook messages directly to the inbox of receiver no matter how much strange he might be for you. I am going to tell you this trick in this post.


1. Login to your Facebook account and visit the timeline of the person you want to send the message.
2. Beside "Message" button there is also a button with three dots. Click on that button and choose "Report".


3. A pop-up menu will appear to report the account to Facebook. Choose "Report this account" and click on continue.

Facebook Account Report

4. In the next menu, choose "This person is annoying" and click continue.


5. Next you will ask the reason why you think this person is annoying. Choose "Posting annoying things" and click continue.


6. Now Facebook will let you choose from three options. First option is to "Message the reported account" and other two options include either to unfollow or block the account. Choose from "Message XYZ to resolve the this" and click done.


7. Now you will see a message box with a default text in it. Replace the default text with your own message and click on "Send". This message will go directly to inbox of receiver.


Hope this help and don't forget to share this trick if you like it. This trick is working on both mobile and desktop versions of Facebook.

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