Use your desktop and laptop computers just like your mobile phone. Send and receive SMS from your desktop with your own number using these android apps.

Have you ever come across situations when you forgot to take mobile phone along with you thus loosing important messages? If this frequently happens to you or even rarely then there are options by using which full control can be taken of a mobile phone wherever you are. That means sending or receiving messages remotely on desktop. Well surely this is not possible without an internet connection because internet is the real mean of communication across the devices. Beside internet connection you will also need a smartphone having that mobile phone number enabled which you normally use to contact with others. Any type of smartphone can be used to create remote connections between devices but as I am telling you about android apps in this article so I recommend you to have an Android phone at least. Having an internet connection and a smartphone can make remote communication easier between devices so you will send and receive SMS on desktop for the number enabled on your smartphone. This is the most useful application of smartphones which can make your life easier.

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I already told you that in this article, I am going to cover most popular android apps which are used for sending and receiving SMS through desktop so now we proceed towards our review for these applications. There are many applications available but I’ll only tell you about most useful ones.

Mighty Text:

Mighty text is the top rated android app for sending and receiving messages through desktop on your own number. Though this is possible with a huge range of apps but what makes the difference is provision of multiple other services which let the user makes most of his communication with others. Basic account of mighty text is available for free but you may also upgrade for a reasonable price to unlock many features.


On free account, the messages are kept stored for 60 days no matter whether they are deleted from original android phone or not. Using pro account keep them for unlimited time. There is a limit of sending 500 monthly SMS from Mightytext and this feature can also be made unlimited by upgrading to pro account. Moreover, 6GB free storage is also provided for storing phone photos and videos which is an awesome feature. This makes Mightytext a complete remote communication app as well as your preferred cloud storage. You can also receive notifications for incoming calls on Mightytext and it's easy to remotely dial any number from smartphone using Mightytext. Option of sending MMS is also available even in groups. All of its features make MightyText best choice for anyone who is searching for an option to send and receive SMS through desktop.

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They also offer a referral program in which after getting 10 referral credits, referrer is rewarded one year free features of pro account. It is available on android platform for smartphones and for Windows and Mac on desktop. There are also extensions and Add-ons available for 5 major browsers so the SMS sending becomes easier. However it can also be approached without any software directly on browser.


Airdroid can be considered as the biggest competitor of MightyText with its awesome functions. It has features more than just sending and receiving text messages. It gives you full tracking support of your mobile phone. Imagine a situation when someone forgot his mobile phone anywhere by mistake and it is not locked. This can provoke anxiety about the usage of phone. In this case, the victim can remotely take a screenshot of his mobile phone's current situation on any desktop device so he may comes to know in which way the phone is being used. It's not only confined to this but the location of device can also be tracked if location services are enabled in the smartphone. These features are available for free users and if you get pro for a reasonable price, then you can also remotely see from your smartphone camera which make it an excellent smartphone tracking application as well.


On the other hand, Airdroid gives options to see complete state of your android device. It includes watching the real time videos, images and files in that android device. Unlike MightyText, airdroid doesn't store the messages and make their backup but it only sync real time messages available on the smartphone at that moment. Moreover its pro features also includes the function of catching people trying to unlock your smartphone. It takes snapshots of the people who try to unlock your device with wrong passwords or patterns so you may come to know easily who is trying to spy on you.

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In this way, we find Airdroid a useful and awesome android application for remote communication. Like mightytext it also offers a referral program in which referrer is also rewarded pro features for a time period. Airdroid is available for android in smartphones and for windows and Mac on desktop. It also have a chrome extension to ease use of Airdroid application. Well you can also access Airdroid directly on your browser too.


MySMS is another great option for receiving and sending SMS through desktop using your own number. It's somewhat unique from the above mentioned apps in a way that it also offers free texting to other MySMS users just like Whatsapp and other common texting apps along with default options. Beside in-app texting, MySMS doesn't have any special feature for its free users expect for multiple device support. However pro users can have full benefits of awesome multiple MySMS features.


These features include backup and restore of MySMS messages in secure cloud servers, full SMS export, SMS mirroring to any other smartphone and SMS archiving to popular cloud hosting services or simply to Email address. It also offers SMS scheduling so you can schedule your text messages to individuals or to a group. Another most delighting feature is ability to make and receive calls on any device using your personal phone number. That makes it a preferred choice than others.

Handcent Next SMS:

Next SMS by Handcent is among the popular android apps which can be used as an alternative to stock messaging app. It's popularity is due to this feature but most probably you wouldn't have known that it also offers sending and receiving SMS remotely from desktop or tablet. You can install Next SMS on your android phone and use it instead of default boring stock SMS app. This app from HC has a great user interface and there are thousands of themes available to set its layout according user's own taste. Handcent offers free membership as well as multiple packages for premium subscriptions to unlock full features.

One thing which I like most in this app is accessing SMS of multiple android phones with a single account. It means that a single account can have access to multiple android devices and account holder can switch between stored devices to choose from which android phone he is willing to send and receive SMS. This service has been named as "Handcent Anywhere". It is available for web, tablets and IPad. Cloud storage, messages and contact syncing is also available so that a backup is created which can be easily restored to any other device in future.


Deskphone is an android app which can be linked to a chrome extension after which the PC and mobile device are synced together. Till now it only offers sending and receiving SMS through desktop and nothing more than it. According to developer the app is still in beta mode and they are working more on it. Until then just wait and see what new comes.


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