Are you planning to start a blogging career? Then these 14 resources would surely help you from beginning to end. From setting up a blog to become entrepreneur.

If you are running a blog or intending to begin blogging, you need to learn many things to be successful in this field. Only purchasing a domain and writing content cannot make you successful unless you learn the SEO and web development tactics. To make the most from a blog, it is necessary to keep yourself prepared for always changing web and SEO trends.

In this post, I am going to tell you people about 14 blogs which a blogger must follow in order to make his blogging experiment fruitful. This list of blogs contain those which help a person from starting a blog to make valuable amount of income from it. The list isn't limited to fourteen only but I have collected only those blogs which may help a new blogger but also the old bloggers. So here we go through our list.

1. My Blogger Tricks:

Before proceeding towards the introduction of this blog, I would like to introduce you with the author of My Blogger Tricks. This blog is run by Muhammad Mustafa Ahmadzai who is a passionate and hardworking Pakistani blogger. Muhammad started his online career in 2008 and now he is one of the most renowned bloggers in the industry. He has an inspirational life story which has motivational plot for all bloggers. You can find his story here.

Let's talk about the blog. My blogger tricks is the first blog that I recommend to people who want to learn blogging. Mustafa explains everything in a way that is understandable for everyone. The blog's slogan is "Turning Bloggers In To Entrepreneurs" seems perfect for this blog as most of the new successful bloggers follow MBT. He keeps his readers updated with new trends in SEO, web development and social media marketing by timely posting about changing trends and the methods to adapt new changes. This blog is highly recommended if you want to start serious blogging.

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2. Shout Me Loud:

Shout me loud is run by Harsh Agrawal, a passionate blogger from New Delhi, India. This blog was started in 2008 to help bloggers and has been running successfully up until now. Shout me loud explains blogging tactics, SEO, social media, wordpress and ways to make money online. It is best place to get information about starting and monetizing a blog. New bloggers must visit this blog too and specially those who are searching for platforms to increase traffic and monetizing their content.

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3. Bloggers Ideas:

Bloggers Ideas is another creative blog good for people intending to start an online business. It is run by Jitendra Viswani aka Jitu, an Indian blogger. He is also one of the most successful bloggers of industry. This blog covers the topics about SEO, driving targeted traffic to blog, social media marketing and wordpress, the giant blogging platform. You can also find inspiring and motivational interviews of successful bloggers at Bloggers Ideas that could be very helpful too.

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4. WPBeginner:

As the name indicates, WP Beginner is inspirational blog for those who want to start their online career at wordpress. This blog is founded in 2009 by Syed Balkhi, a famous Pakistani blogger. WP Beginner is basically a Wordpress site with a blog as a part of it. The blog covers all topics related to Wordpress that include setting up a blog, plugins, themes and tutorials about Wordpress. This blog makes the blogging platform easier to understand and gives information to make full of it.

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5. Bloggers Passion:

Anil Agarwal from New Delhi, India is the man behind this popular blog for bloggers. This is the place where one can find information about blogging tips, SEO and affiliate marketing tips to make money online. This blog also covers the Wordpress tutorials and themes along with reviews to blogging products. It is another recommended place for those want to start their online career.

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6. Safe Tricks:

Unlike above mentioned blogs, Safe Tricks is multi-topic blog but the basic keyword "Tricks" remains same for all type of topics covered here. It was founded by Pahul Singh, an Indian blogger in 2012 and has gained quick popularity as compared to most of its competitors. Pahul writes the tricks that widely cover internet, PC and android. In short we can call it a complete tech blog. However it is informative for bloggers too as it has a large number of posts related to blogger, wordpress and social media tricks. I also recommend beginners to have a look at this blog.

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7. My Blogger Lab:

Blogger by Google is second largest blogging platform that is best for those who want to start their blog with zero investment of money. Syed Faizan Ali, a passionate and young Pakistani blogger founded "My Blogger Lab" at the age of 16 in 2012 and now he is a well known guy in blogging industry. Faizan mostly writes about blogger platform tips and tricks related to design and SEO. Along with blog, he is also running an online template store named as "Templateism" showcasing quality blogger templates. 

The best part of Faizan's creations is that they are easily understandable for everyone. He writes for all bloggers which is great reason to visit and follow his blog.

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8. All Blogging Tips:

All Blogging Tips is next most visited blog with the niche I am discussing here. It was founded by Ammar Ali, in December 2011 to help newbies for setting up a blog and driving traffic to it. He mostly writes about SEO and wordpress. Someone looking for the methods to drive website traffic must visit and follow this blog.

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9. Blogging Tips:

Blogging Tips is great resource for newbies who are planning to start with Wordpress platform. This blog was founded by Kevin Muldoon in 2007 and then adapted by Zac Johnson in 2010 who is still running it successfully. Here people can read about blogging tips, tools and resources to make a website successful. Driving traffic and SEO is another main topic covered in this blog.

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10. BloggingEHow:

You might have noticed that 7 out of 9 above mentioned blogs are served on Wordpress platform while only two use blogger CMS. So it could make you doubtful if blogger platform is right for you or not. Well as web gurus say, SEO on Wordpress is easier but I must add that Blogger also has a large capacity to get traffic. The proof is and Now the blog I am discussing here is also run on blogger platform. Hassam Ahmad Awan, a passionate and inspirational Pakistani blogger founded BloggingEHOw in 2012 which is still running successfully. Hassam has created a huge list of Email subscribers with his blog and most of its traffic comes from there. Though it is also visible in search results but the ratio is less. BloggingEHow explains us the methods to drive targeted traffic and successful blogging tips. I recommend it to all novice bloggers to follow Hassam Ahmed in order to become an entrepreneur in blogging industry.

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11. BloggerYard:

BloggerYard is another great place to learn blogging secrets. It covers topics related to blogging, SEO, design and plugins for both Blogger and Wordpress CMS. Tips and platforms to make money are also shared in this blog.

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12. BloggerSpice:

The Guy running this blog is Muhammad Fazl E Rabbi from Bangladesh. He founded BloggerSpice in December 2012 which is now serving new bloggers to start and continue their blogging work. Here at BloggerSpice one can find everything related to blogging including plugins, templates, themes, designing tips, driving traffic and SEO methods as it covers the wide range of blogging topics from Wordpress to blogger.

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13. Smashing Hub:

Smashing Hub was founded in 2010 by Ali Qayyum, a Pakistani blogger and now SH is working with a team of 10 professionals. Smashing is all about blogging, SEO, Wordpress, web design and development.

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14. ProBlogTricks:

ProBlogTricks is another good blog to learn blogging and SEO tips. Though it is relatively smaller blog but has a bunch of useful information which can be very helpful. It focuses towards Tumblr and Blogger CMS.

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