These tips will help you to figure out the reasons why you are still a struggling blogger.

Becoming pro blogger is a dream that every true blogger loves to see. However it is somewhat difficult to achieve this goal. Starting a blog is as easy as one two three but bringing it to a level of professional blog is not so much easy. It requires a lot of effort to come in the list of pro bloggers because the level of competition is increasing day by day and in this situation bringing yourself to a higher position needs a lot of things to consider before dreaming of success. If you are planning to start a blog or have started a blog but are not successful yet in earning handful amount of income then you must figure out where you are lacking. It would not be sane thing to doubt your hard work and instincts but still you have to overcome the reasons that act as hurdle in this race of blogging.

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A blogger needs to understand following things in order to have a wealthy blog. I am pretty sure that most of you started your blogging career just to make money either you love blogging or not. So this purpose can only be fulfilled when there is quality traffic and a huge number of visitors. This is indeed the most important factor of becoming pro blogger. It's the most effort demanding but essential task in the beginning. Once a loyal audience is built then the work is reduced but this procedure goes progressively so first invest your efforts then wait for results.

Here I am going to explain 4 things or you can say reasons that are getting you away from success. May be some bloggers have already overcome some of the following but it's good to eliminate all the reasons that put your blogging career in danger. So lets start.

1. Lack Of Passion:

Surely passion is the best tool for becoming successful in every field no matter where you are working. Passion literally means a strong emotion or desire about something. Getting pro blogger level isn't possible until you are really passionate about your career. Passion means your focus is solely towards blogging with entire concentration pointed at the mark of "Pro Blogger" level. When there is passion a strong will is created that would help in achieving the goal. Working with passion involves following three steps.
  • Bring passion into action.
  • Set a target on timely basis.
  • Put your all efforts to reach the target on time.
So be passionate and then dream about success.

2. Poor Time Management:

Time management is another important factor while you are working anywhere not just online. For example when you are at a job and the boss orders to complete a task within specified time but you are failed to obey his orders then most probably he will warn you or in extreme cases you would be fired. That's too with blogging where there is no boss but you, and no employee but only you. It's necessary to give proper time to your blog. When we read success stories of entrepreneurs we find that at the time of struggle they were giving more than 12 hours daily to blogging and sometimes 16-20 hours. This level can't be achieved until you are passionate about business. Make a routine to give at least some hours daily for blogging. Don't plan for holiday, don't ask for leave, just work, work and work up unless you get first target set by you. After getting first target take a rest to refresh and then start the same routine until second. This should be your routine around entire blogging career with the difference of resting and working period depending on how much time the blog needs. It has to be decided by only you because just you are responsible of each and everything about your blog.

3. Mindset Of Becoming Millionaire Overnights:

As I told earlier, almost every blogger is seeking for money no matter what his niche is. There could be few exceptions but majority of bloggers started their career just for monetizing their skills and work. Before proceeding it must be considered that blogging isn't the profession that can make you millionaire overnights. It needs a lot of effort, hard work, planning, strategies and time to earn very first dollar and it's more difficult to maintain the earnings. Those who think that becoming a blogger can bring five figure income in just a few nights are only deceiving themselves. If they don't get rid of this mindset then in the end they left the hope and even stop blogging. So don't begin blogging for early income. Begin it just for passion and afterwards look for wealth at the point where you are sure it can be monetized.

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4. Writer's Block:

So you fulfill all above requirements of a pro-blogger that is passion, quality time management and focused towards competition rather than money but unable to decide the topic to blog about. This situation is usually termed as "Writer's Block" in which an author loses his ability to reproduce and write new content. It is quite common condition faced by every author in this world. Anyone can experience writer's block as it happens due to many psychological and physical factors but the problem arises when it happens frequently. Don't let writer's block kill your blogging potential by loosing against it. I admit that writer's block is unavoidable for a normal person but it shouldn't be bigger than a blogger's passion. You must adopt something to overcome writer's block.
There are multiple online tools which can automatically give you a title or an idea to blog about. Another good way is to go through different blogs and do some research on what's trending nowadays. By making some research and reading others, you would surely get an idea to write about.

These were the four things that should be eliminated when there is a will to blog seriously. Here I only told the reasons that are hurdle in your way to success. I will try to write how to eliminate them on some other day in future. Just concentrate on your blog and make a working strategy for it. It would be useful.


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