A handful collection of 10 most popular blogger widgets to improve your blog performance.

Blogger has emerged as a great platform for beginners to start their blogging career but still the official blogger templates and widgets are not enough to suite a site's SEO and UI design needs. Well the good thing is that bloggers can boost their blog by adding some extra plugins and widgets designed specifically for blogspot by the developers. HelpITx has always tried to provide useful plugins to newbies and bloggers. In this post we are sharing 10 useful plugins for blogger blogs that would boost your site design and SEO.

Here is the list of 10 useful widgets for blogger.

1. Jumbo Share Counters Plugin:

Jumbo share counters plugin is the modified version of Masshare which is the most popular Wordpress social share plugin. Jumbo share counters has been created and designed by "My Blogger Tricks" network and is one of the best social sharing widgets for blogger. It is a light weight plugin that doesn't effect site speed and not only displays the individual share count for a specific social network but also shows the total count from all networks. This makes the plugin unique from all social share plugins for this CMS.

Get The Jumbo Share Counter Plugin

2. Multiple Comments System For Blogger:

Multiple comments system is a plugin created by us for the blog owners who want let their users comment from their desired commenting system. This is the combination of four popular commenting systems that include blogger, Google Plus, Disqus and Facebook comments system. It has a responsive design and doesn't effect the site user interface.

Get The Multiple Comments System Widget For Blogger

3. Stylish Email Subscription Widget:

There are multiple stylish Email subscription widgets available for blogger but this widget made by Twistblogger is awesome. It has an attractive and professional design that catches the user's attention quickly. It can increase the number of your blog's subscriber.

Get Stylish Sidebar Subscription Widget

4. Fancy Threaded Comments With Comment Counter:

This plugin has been created by My Blogger Tricks network and is the same design being used by them on their blog. It has a clean and minimalist look that makes it easier to read, post and reply to comments. It also shows the total number of comments on the post.

Get Fancy Threaded Comments

5. Stylish Popular Posts Widgets:

Helplogger is another good source for providing quality blogger widgets. Their stylish popular posts widgets have nice looks and clean design that make them better from other widgets available on the tutorials. Try these widgets if you aren't satisfied from your present popular posts widget.

Get Popular Posts Widgets For Blogger

6. Full Screen Search Overlay Widget:

Search widget has a key importance in your blog because it makes easier for the readers to search specific content on your blog. A number of search widgets for blogger are available on the internet that can give your site a professional look. The full screen search overlay widget by My Blogger Lab is also a great looking search widget that would attract your readers with an eye catching look.

Get Full Screen Search Overlay Widget

7. Custom 404 Error Pages:

404 error pages are those pages on your site which do not exist but a user can arrive at those pages from false redirection. By default, blogger only notifies with a small sized notification that the user has arrive at a page that doesn't exist. Creating a professional looking 404 error page is a thing that can engage readers with your content. So HelpITx has created some cool custom 404 Error pages that would attract your visitors. Get them from the link below.

Create Custom 404 Error Pages On Blogger

8. Stylish Automated Table Of Contents:

This is a page that is automatically updated keeping a record of all your blog posts with label wise arrangement. It doesn't help you in boosting search rankings but still it is a good option to engage your visitors because by creating this page, a reader will find all the posts of your blog in one page under each category. Isn't it a good idea?

Get Stylish Automated Sitemap For Blogger

9. Stylish Contact Form Page:

Blogger has a simple default contact form without any option to modify it. A lot of designers and developers have tried to improve the default contact form plugin for blogger and embedded the form into a page rather than in the form of a widget. This stylish contact form by Twist Blogger is one of the examples of those modified blogger contact forms embedded into pages.

Get Stylish Contact Form Plugin

10. Numbered Page Navigation:

Numbered page navigation is another thing that blogger default templates lack. They only show option for "Previous Posts" and "Next Posts" that might improve your pageviews count but it's not good for readers because they have to go through multiple pages to find a specific post. Numbered page navigation is the solution of this problem that you can get from Help Logger.

Get Numbered Page Navigation For Blogger

Well I hope you like reading about these widgets. If they are helpful then don't hesitate to share the post with your friends and followers.


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