Rio Olympics are just going to start and the world is awaiting for it. Before this Olympics, get yourself registered with Revenuehits and win great rewards for your site traffic including a trip to Rio olympics.

This summer is going to be very hot for a longer period as the hottest sports event of the world is going to be held at the end of it in Rio De Janeiro. At the occasion of Rio Olympics, Revenuehits is also holding a competition for its publishers with massive rewards for achieving targets set for competition under each category. Revenuehits is most popular pop under and banner CPA advertising network for the publishers who couldn't get approved for Adsense due to any reason. It's considered as one of the best Adsense alternatives for new publishers because the Revenue you can generate from this site is higher than any other Adsense alternative plus this network doesn't have very strict policies for a site owner to start from. Due to this reason it is the most popular Adsense alternative.

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From time to time Revenuehits arrange different competitions for its publishers with good rewards. They announced latest competition in this month with the title of "Revenuehits Olympic Competition" with the biggest reward of a trip to Rio De Janeiro for olympics 2016. This competition is surely gonna attract publishers because great rewards are announced for the winners of this competition in all categories.

This competition is divided into four categories among them three are solely for publishers while the fourth one is referral based competition. The competition is starting from 1st June 2016 and would remain until 31st July.

The details of these categories and rewards is given below.

1. Revenuehits Olympic 100m Race Competition:

2. Revenuehits Olympic Half Marathon:

3. Revenuehits Olympic Marathon:

4. Revenuehits Relay Race:

The rewards are awesome and competition is suitable for all website owners with a decent amount of converting site traffic because Revenuehits is CPA based Advertising network. So don't waste your time and get registered for Revenuehits as soon as possible because only few days are left for the competition to begun.


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