This guy has stunned everyone with the method to get around million of likes, shares and followers on Facebook with just a single post.

Social media is one of the biggest ways to show your online presence. The amount of likes, shares and followers of a social account provide an idea about the popularity of that account. Well almost everyone residing in this planet and using any of social media app, wants to be popular among his fellows and competitors. They do every possible thing to gain popularity and to leverage social presence. As amount of likes, followers and shares is the best medium to know popularity of an account so people try to produce content that worth likes and sharing but this Texan guy "Pablo Reyes" has done a quiet hilarious job to get these pearls on FB.

Pablo Reyes according to his Facebook profile, is a Marketing Executive at Huzlers, an entertainment website and now he has more than 100K followers on his Facebook profile. I believe that he got most of these followers in last couple of days after he has done a surprising job on Facebook. By using a simple Facebook hack, Pablo managed to get more than 200K likes and shares on one of his posts in less than 24 hours. Sounds amazing. Do you still want to know how he did this? What he has done to get these likes and shares couldn't be declared a legit and ethical job but still I was amused from the idea he got to increase his social presence and popularity.

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Most of you people must already know about the post editing feature of Facebook that allows users to edit their past posts at any time. There isn't any rocket science involved in it and anyone can easily make use of this feature. It can't be termed as hacking because a user is always allowed by Facebook to edit his or her Facebook past posts according to his own wish. It's not gonna violate someone's privacy or breaching Facebook rules because editing the post is a basic feature that every Facebook user needs. Well there is no surprising thing in just editing the post but surprising is the way by which someone uses this feature. Pablo made a killing use of this feature and quickly got popular on Facebook without performing any special job.

Pablo Reyes, the clever guy just edited one of his past posts and quickly got the popularity that most people just dream of even after years of hard work. He picked one of his old posts from the past year and edited it to a prediction regarding several events happening in 2016. Here is the screenshot of his post after editing.

In his edited post, he wrote predictions about the series of events that are happening in USA now. After witnessing these events and reading the predictions dated to past year, anyone can get crazy to like and share his post without forgetting to click "Follow" button on his profile. A person surely gonna follow a social profile that is correctly predicting the future events because everyone wants to know the future whether it concerns him or not. He got quick popularity because most of the earth's inhabitants believe in everything they read without investigating it. They didn't even notice that comments on the post are appearing from 13th June instead of post date.

If his followers and likers were also curious enough to investigate the truth behind his post then he would not have been succeeded in getting such popularity. A prediction with 100% accuracy about series of events was enough to create a doubt regarding it so I checked its edit history and found that the actual post was created at 27th December 2015 with the following content.
"White people outside taking selfies with tornadoes and shit."
And it was edited a couple of times on 13th June 2016 by Pablo. In this editing, he removed the original content so to add Predictions regarding 2016 as you can see in following screenshot.

This helped him to gain quick popularity on Facebook increasing his followers count to nearly 200K. Well this is not an ethical way to gain followers but I still appreciate the mind behind this surprising method. The only worst thing in this method is that he left his edit history so he was easily caught. A couple of months ago, we'd shared an article about 5 hidden Facebook tricks in which we also taught how to schedule a post on Facebook by setting your own time and date. Facebook allows its users to schedule their posts to any past or future date so the actual date of posting remains hidden. If Pablo tried that method instead of editing his post, then he probably wouldn't have been caught so easily.


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