Make your website loads faster to save your bandwidth and to get better rankings in search engines with this image compression tool.

Images no doubt have a great influence on website user interface and design but along with it we should also keep in mind that images also decrease site speed hence increasing the site loading time which is a sin from SEO perspective. Images consume more bandwidth than most of other resources so we must practice the methods to optimize images for SEO. Site speed is one of the ranking deciding factor for the site to be indexed in search engines so we must follow the guidelines to reduce site loading time.

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One of the required method to increase site speed is to compress images as they basically are the resources that consume speed and bandwidth more than any other resources so reducing their size is necessary. You can complain that reducing the image size can also reduce its quality which is not good for a professional site. You might be right from this perspective but only in the situations if you are working with ordinary tools to reduce image size. Here I am going to introduce my audience with an online tool that help them to incredibly compress images without loosing resolution and quality. A viewer won't find any difference in the original and compressed images so this tool is best for SEO alongside user interface of the site.

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I have come across many online tools to compress images but never find one like "TinyPNG". By far TinyPNG is the best online tool to shrink images on the web because of its simplicity and working. Whether you are looking for shrinking a single image or compressing multiple images at once, this tool is there to help. The best thing with TinyPNG image compression tool is that it doesn't effect image quality for viewers so human eye cannot find any difference in the image after compression.

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Before knowing more about TinyPNG we should figure out how it works. According to TinyPNG,
TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG/JPEG files. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size!
Seems awesome. TinyPNG allows JPEG and PNG images to be compressed. It offers multiple ways for compressing images. Here I'm discussing them one by one.

1. Compress Images Online Directly From Website:

The best thing in TinyPNG unlike other online image compression tools is that the official site is Ad-Free so the user experience is great. The Ad-Free site allows a person to compress 20 PNG or JPEG images at the same time with the maximum image size of 5MB each. This is more than enough for a small business site and blogs.

There isn't any limit how much images daily are compressed so it should be best for anyone looking for totally free ways to compress images.

For more advance users, they have other ways discussed below.

2. Photoshop Plugin For Compressing Images:

TinyPNG also offers an Adobe Photoshop plugin to be used with PNG and JPEG images. This plugin automatically compresses the images when working on Photoshop and after completion you can save them directly without any additional steps to compress image. The sad thing about this tool is that it isn't available for free and its price is $50 which isn't so much costly for such a professional tool.

3. Developer Plugins:

Official plugins for WordPress and Magento are also available that after installation directly compress all images uploaded on the site. This doesn't only save you bandwidth but also precious time. However it's not completely free. The first 500 compressions per month are free and the next 9500 images up to 10K cost $0.009 per image. For more than 10K images per month, the price is reduced to $0.002 per month. TinyPNG also have a developer API that works for PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and Java and has same working and prices.

Well here the review ends for TinyPNG. I hope it helps and if you find it helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends.


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