Sualiha Rehman has joined HelpITx team so we are presenting her warm welcome.

As the owner and main author of HelpITx blog, I am feeling glad to announce that Sualiha Rehman has joined HelpITx blog and she would serve as co-author of this blog from today 1st of July 2016. I present very warm welcome to her and thanks her for the acceptance of my invitation.

Sualiha Rehman currently lives in Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. She born on 1994 in the same state and completed her graduation from University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir last year. When I was working as a professional blogger and freelancer before entering to Pharm-D, Sualiha Rehman was one of my clients and I did a project for her. We attended some workshops for freelancers together. Recently I invited her to join this blog and many thanks to her that she approved my request. She has excellent communication, writing and research skills and I believe her entry would be beneficial for our blog. The girl in the above image isn't Sualiha Rehman but she has a close resemblance to her so I added picture of this model instead of Sualiha on her request.

HelpITx was started by me in 2013 and since its launch we have helped thousands of bloggers and newbies in the field of SEO, web design and internet. Blogging is not my source of income, but its my passion and same is for Sualiha Rehman. She was looking for a platform to showcase her blogging skills that HelpITx provided her. Now she would be our official author.

I hope you won't forget to welcome her in your comments.


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Jari Ullah is professional blogger, freelance writer and owner of "HelpITx" blog. He is fond of blogging and loves to learn and share blogging tactics.

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