A small list of 7 popular websites where you might be wasting your time by not using them properly.

Internet is full of knowledge, fun and opportunities but it can also be a time killing invention sometimes. Though its time killing character is quite useful sometimes when you are having boredom and nothing there to work on. But its excess usage can also turn this useful perspective of internet into an awful time wasting experience. For example Facebook is an awesome place to connect and share content with others but majority of people are not using it in right way and just wasting their time.

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Here we have created a list of 7 websites where most of the people are probably wasting their time. So here we start from reverse.

7. SnoopFeed:

Snoopfeed can be quite enjoyable but the matter of fact is that you won't find any useful or productive thing in it. It's full of articles and content that most probably entertain you but this entertainment isn't worth anything because there always remain a doubt about the authenticity of the content. I've read a lot of Charticles in Snoopfeed that were supposed to provide only entertainment and actually the content provided in Snoopfeed was full of doubts. For that reason I personally think using Snoopfeed is just waste of time.

6: WittyFeed:

Just like SnoopFeed, WittyFeed is also a Charticle site full of entertaining content. The reason of considering it the wastage of time is same as for SnoopFeed. Well if you have enough time to waste, it won't bother you to spend many hours continuously on WittyFeed because it can kill your time better than anything else. If you want something productive and useful go for other options and stay away from it.

5. ImGur:

Well at first it sounds weird to hear that you are wasting time on Imgur as it is solely for entertainment purpose and updated by users. The content is provided by users and delivered to users. It's an awesome place to connect and share but using it too much can ruin your time as well. So if you are free enough to do this, go for ImGur.

4. 9Gag:

9Gag is very similar to ImGur in idea and thus I've the same logic to consider it as time wasting site as for ImGur. 9Gag is also full of entertainment with ability to like, comment and share content at the same time. But timing is everything so get full of 9Gag but don't do it so much frequently that you actually start wasting your precious time.

3. ScoopWhoop:

I know majority of readers would be surprised to see ScoopWhoop in this list as it looks like a Media News Publishing site. It seems a perfect newspaper site rather than just entertainment portals but as far as my opinion is concern, it is no less than WittyFeed and ScoopFeed in providing unauthenticated content. Internet is full of content, rumors and opinions but the fact is that everyone doesn't care of providing facts in content. So I think same for ScoopWhoop. It might be possible that team ScoopWhoop publish all articles after careful revisions but as someone say, nothing is perfect in this world so we may observe some content away from facts.

2. Stumbleupon:

"Your pages are getting stumbled". The Email of this subject gives real happiness to the Stumbleupon content submitter as it is an indication of public interest in his content. Stumbleupon can be more addictive than any other entertainment portal because almost all of the pages submitted on Stumbleupon worth their submission. If you are doing it in right way, you don't need to browse through any entertainment site than it but its insane usage results nothing than wastage of your time. So before using stumbleupon make sure that you choose right categories for you. It would show you pages of your interest hence saving your time and provide you only the content you need.

1. Facebook:

Sounds strange but according to me, the ratio of people wasting their time on Facebook is much more than the people actually getting benefits from this most popular social media platform. I can't dare to refuse the importance of Facebook in this era but its addiction is creating the problems. Its productive usage is recommended but its abuse is not only wasting the time but also ruining relationships, health and mental strength. So use Facebook, be on Facebook but don't be just Facebook.


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