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HelpITx was founded in 2012 by me Jariullah. I was not a tech expert at that time and didn't know how to play with codes even I was not aware of HTML the basic design language that was working behind this blog. I just created a DIY blog on the free blogging service Blogger by Google. I used to post only about affiliate marketing products but then after a few months I started to play with codes and found that it's more interesting than just creating a simple blog. I began to study tutorials about web design, development and SEO to further increase my web knowledge. Finally I was able to design my own blogger templates and embedding my desired features in them. It was a great success for me and then I started to share all of my web and IT knowledge with others.

Basically this is a tech blog which covers the topics regarding to online security, web design, SEO, information technology and any other thing related to web. This blog has helped many people to start their blogging career. Unfortunately in October 2016, I accidentally deleted my blog from my Blogger account and that was an awful situation because I didn't have any backup at that time. It took a couple of week to backup our blog from the scratch but as the proverb says, all's well that ends well, I finally managed to restore the blog. Now it's in a new design and theme.
We believe in sharing knowledge. Lust for knowledge is a thing that discriminates animals from humans because animals get instincts to learn things but not lust. The humans on the other hand have received instincts as well as desire to learn new things and thus they keep learning new things till death. The admin of this blog is also a keen learner and he loves to learn new things. In this learning process he doesn't want to be alone but bringing people into his information sharing circle. For this purpose he started this blog and shared his knowledge of internet and technology with others.

The niche of our blog is related to information and technology so our mission is to spread awareness about the right use of technology for either personal or business purposes. We don't know how much we have succeeded in this mission but at least we are trying to help and even a single person finds something helpful for him in our blog, it would be our reward.

Jariullah, Founder and Admin

Sualiha Rehman; Co-Author